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Mastering Sustainability

Author: Madeline Armstrong, Ray Loflin

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Mastering Sustainability offers mini masterclasses on a myriad of topics that fall under the vast umbrella of Sustainability. Hosted by Okeanos Sustainable Partnerships Manager, Madeline Armstrong, who holds a masters degree in Sustainable Business, and co-host Degredation Innovation Director Ray Loflin, Mastering Sustainability brings together experts and academics to break down topics that many emerging sustainability professionals have yet to master.

12 Episodes
On Episode 11 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome Monir Bou Ghanem, Policy Advisor at the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency. In this episode, Monir explains how environmental advocates are at a crossroads for policy, what drives environmental protection in the UAE, and how Abu Dhabi enacted the world’s most successful single-use bag ban. Resources:Abu Dhabi Environment AgencyFollow along on Instagram Connect with Monir on Linkedin!
On Episode 10 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome Shelby Thomas, CEO of the Ocean Rescue Alliance, a marine conservation and restoration nonprofit organization that uses artificial structures to enhance marine environments, build marine habitats, conduct restoration, protect coastlines, and connect communities through art. In this episode, Shelby dives into reef restoration using calcium carbonate, how 1000 mermaids can benefit marine life, and how nature and art co-exist harmoniously on ...
On Episode 9 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome Brad Vogel from the Green Sports Alliance, an organization that inspires professional sports leagues and their governing bodies, colleges, teams, venues, partners, and millions of fans to embrace sustainable practices. In this episode, Brad takes us onto the sidelines to understand the environmental impact of live sporting events, discusses the ways that teams and venues around the world are working to improve, and the role that the fans pl...
On Episode 8 of Mastering Sustainability, we’re sitting down with Jeremy Lang, founder of Lomi, the world's first Smart Waste™ kitchen composter to talk about all things composting. In this conversation, we dig into the dirty side of waste management infrastructure, new technologies that are changing the game, and the opportunity to decentralize a decades-long industry.Reference Links: https://lomi.com
On Episode 7 of Mastering Sustainability, we're wading into the nuances of global climate meetings including COP28 with Mike Green, leader of the Climate & Energy Working group at the American Sustainable Business Network and Director of Carbon Markets at Native, A Public Benefit Corporation.Together, we’re breaking these giant conferences and the topics they’ll tackle into bitesized pieces, including the forthcoming Global Plastics Treaty, the impact of the first Global Stocktake, and ca...
On Episode 6 of Mastering Sustainability, we're diving into sustainable supply chains with Jamie Mudrick and Sarah Moasser from EcoVadis, an ESG consultancy that helps companies to evaluate and improve the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of their business. Together, we'll break down these three pivotal metrics, understand what drives corporations to be better, and though the task often seems insurmountable, learn how companies and their suppliers can make incremental improvements...
On Episode 5 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome Matt Wampler, CEO of Clear Cogs, an AI solution helping restaurants tackle food waste. With years of experience in Food & Beverage, Matt asks us to take a look at the intersection of food waste and sustainability, the pivotal role line-level operators play in believing in and pushing for new technologies, and the need for innovation to be simple to understand and immediate in order to make real change.
S1-E04: Diplomacy Delivers

S1-E04: Diplomacy Delivers


On Episode 4 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome our very own Martina Hauser, Chief Government Affairs Officer at Okeanos. Martina brings a myriad of life experiences to the pod from her extensive career crisscrossing public affairs as Chief Climate Negotiator for the Italian government to her time with the United Nations, and now driving change from within the private sector. In this episode, we’ll tackle the role of science in positions of power, replicating climate strategies around th...
On Episode 3 of Mastering Sustainability, we welcome Heidi Sanborn, founding director of the National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC) and the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC), two organizations that advocate for equitable circular economy. Heidi joins us for a fiery, candid chat about about the evolution of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, California’s new SB54 law, and the role of consumers in driving legislative change.
In episode 2, we’re chatting with Claudia Herbert Colfer, USA Head of Programming for the UN Global Compact Network (UNGC). Together, we take a bite out of the alphabet soup of acronyms that is the sustainability space, gain a better understanding of the different organs of the UN, and break down the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). In the Masters Class section of the pod, we’ll turn our focus to what’s actually being accomplished in the private sector to tackle the issues facing all of...
S1-E01: Greenwashing

S1-E01: Greenwashing


In episode 1, we sit down with Dr. Claudia Townsend, associate professor of Marketing at the Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami and an expert in consumer behavior and decision-making. In the first 20 minutes of the mini-class, we discuss the most common indicators of greenwashing, and the role nutrition labels have played in changing the way we communicate science to consumers. In the Masters Class portion of the pod, we tackle greenwashing across different sustainability sect...
S1-E00: Intro

S1-E00: Intro