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Salaam, I'm Tusem!
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In The Thinkwork Podcast I go beyond the mainstream with a pinch of my cultural background. I explore courageous role models, like Fatima al Fihri, Malcolm X,... AND a wide range of topics including Technology, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy!

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🎉 The Thinkwork Podcast won the 3rd Best Place Society & Culture In the Belgian Podcast Awards 🇧🇪 In the season one finale, I share my heartfelt emotions and reflect on last years incredible journey. Celebrating the honor of winning third place in Best Society and Culture at the Belgian Podcast Awards, I express my gratitude to Allah for this blessing. I delve into my motivations for starting the podcast and recount the story of how it all began. This special episode also features a Q&A session, answering questions from my amazing listeners on Instagram. While this marks the end of season one, I am excitedly looking forward to season two in September 2024! Follow The Thinkwork on instagram @thethinkwork.podcast Support Childeren In Gaza :
We're Nominated 🇧🇪 : Vote for the Thinkwork Podcast Here: Join me on this insightful conversation with Siham Zarkan, the co-founder #SHEdidit. We delved into the power of reconnecting with our roots, sharing heartfelt stories of our parents’ journeys and the invaluable lessons they taught us. Join us as we explore the pervasive issue of tokenism in various industries and environments, including corporate settings and education. Siham shares her experiences and perspectives, shedding light on the importance of genuine representation and inclusion. But that’s not all—we covered a range of other compelling topics that you won’t want to miss! Follow The Thinkwork on instagram @thethinkwork.podcast Support Childeren In Gaza : music: Alexandra Desplat Orbituary Izcobain93 - Thinkwork Soundtrack Bahja Bidha - Dahmane El Harrachi Kenrick Lamar - HiiiPower
We're Nominated 🇧🇪 Podcast Awards! Vote for the Thinkwork Podcast Here: ⁠⁠ Meet Asli Bassozen, a woman of many hats. She's the founder of STAERK, a women-only sports club, and boasts over 18 years of experience as a personal trainer. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she's a passionate human rights activist and a devoted mother of five. In Belgium, her multitalented persona precedes her, making her a household name. In this episode, we'll delve into the intimate sphere of women's lives, exploring sensitive topics with depth and understanding. With our cultural perspective as women, we'll shine a light on the nuances of sports, uncovering the layers that impact every woman's journey. Follow Asli on Instagram @staerk.gym Follow The Thinkwork on instagram @thethinkwork.podcast Support Childeren In Gaza : music: Alexandra Desplat Orbituary Izcobain93 - Thinkwork Soundtrack Bahja Bidha - Dahmane El Harrachi
In this podcast episode, we delved into the unique experience of observing Ramadan in Belgium, aiming to bring an authentic perspective to my listeners. My guests, two dynamic Muslim women deeply engaged in their community, shared their heartfelt experiences with Ramadan, offering insights into how the holy month unfolds in Belgium. As a blend of freelancers and a local politician in Borgerhout, their perspectives provided a rich tapestry of observations. Throughout the conversation, we explored the intricacies of fasting in the workspace, navigating challenges, and finding moments of solidarity and support. We also shared lighthearted inside jokes about Ramadan, embracing the joyous spirit of the occasion. To conclude the episode, we reflected on selected ayahs that inspire us, leaving listeners with a sense of connection and contemplation as they embark on their own Ramadan journey. Support Palestinian childeren during Ramadan Say "Salaam" to me Follow Aïssatou Cissé Follow Loubna Tallal Music by izocobain94 (Fiver) and Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary)
Donate to support Palestinian kids ⁠⁠⁠⁠ In this episode, we delve into the profound topic of mindfulness, Muraqaba, and silence within Islamic tradition—a subject close to my heart. Personally struggling with maintaining mindfulness during prayers, I aim to share my authentic experiences while exploring the significance of mindfulness and silence in Islam. Throughout the episode, I candidly discuss my challenges, offering a relatable perspective for listeners. Additionally, I reflect on the insightful tips provided by our audience, shedding light on effective strategies for cultivating mindfulness during various acts of worship. Join me on this introspective journey as we unravel the depths of mindfulness and silence within the Islamic context, seeking guidance and inspiration for our spiritual practice. Say “Salaam” to Tusem On Instagram: ⁠⁠@thethinkwork.podcast⁠⁠ check our website⁠⁠⁠⁠ Music by izocobain94 and Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary)
"Where are those old Ramadans?" Ask our elders always with a little tone of nostalgia mixed with disappointment and yearning. As a child we may not understand what that means, but today it makes sense to me now. "Those old Ramadans."... It will be always something we will say, even in 2065. During this Ramadan special edition, I'm going to try to answer this question in a very broad way. While we're gonna go back in time a little bit, my focus will be also our current time. Today, we will go back to the Ottoman Empire and we're gonna search for an answer. I'm going to tell you four traditions from the Ottoman Empire that I find inspiring. But first, we have to go a little bit back in time. Let's go to the 12th century. Istanbul.... Donate to support Palestinian kids Follow me on instagram : @thinkwork.podcast
Support Childeren In Gaza Say “Salaam” to on instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast check my website Music by izocobain94 and Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary) Special thanks to Halil Karaaslan for sharing his Malcolm X archive and his valuable insights, go check his podcast: “Super Moslims”
Join me, Tusem, in this raw and unfiltered episode of The Thinkwork Podcast. I delve into my personal journey of understanding the concept of home, from my time in Türkiye to my struggles with belonging in Belgium. Through challenges and self-discovery, I explore the meaning of home, embracing multiple languages and identities. Discover how creating beauty in our environment and finding meaning in diverse connections redefine the notion of home. A heartfelt reflection for those grappling with homesickness and the quest for belonging. Support Childeren In Gaza Say Salaam to me on instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast check my website Music by izocobain94 and Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary)
Salaam I'm Tusem! Explore the audacious journey of Dame Zaha Hadid, a groundbreaking architect who defied norms and claimed her space in a world dominated by men. Drawing inspiration from cities like Baghdad and Beirut, she paved the way for countless architects, artists. Despite facing skepticism and criticism in a male-dominated industry, Hadid's exceptional achievements serve as an inspiration to those who dare to live up to their values. Join me as we celebrate her legacy, resilience, and the importance of having the audacity to pursue your vision, no matter the obstacles. Support Childeren In Gaza • Instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast• Website:
Salaam, I'm Tusem. In this episode, we delve into the intriguing phenomenon of Tall Poppy Syndrome. Joining me are Samia Elyakhlifi & Oana Pasalau-Cioaba, and together, we explore this silent societal issue that involves cutting down individuals who stand out, hindering personal and professional growth. We share our own experiences, shedding light on the impact on mental health and the crucial role of self-awareness. Leaders, we argue, play a pivotal role in recognizing and addressing Tall Poppy Syndrome within teams, and we introduce the concept of the Tall Poppy Triangle. Our discussion extends to the generational impact of this phenomenon. We advocate for a shift from blame to understanding and collaboration, fostering a more inclusive and growth-oriented environment. Ultimately, we stress the importance of empathy in combating Tall Poppy Syndrome and creating a healthier community. _________________________________________Support Childeren In Gaza Say Salaam to me on instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast check my website Music by izocobain94 and Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary)
Support Childeren In Gaza As young adults in Western Europe, our conversation reflects observations of how stories unfold in our environment and media landscape, navigating through the layers of mainstream narratives and the dynamic realm of social media.. where celebs and some influencers continue sharing their PR packages and "luvv" the texture of the foundation. We’ll question the commitment to "Never again" when it comes to colonial history, racism, and global conflicts. In the year 2023, First time in history, we literally are witnessing from the comfort of our warm home, through social media livestreams horrific content.  While social media has always been a mostly a part of entertainment were we share our coffees, our vacation trips an such... it became this tool were we see content, without meddling or filtering of deeply layered media outlets. Now we can easily answer the question:" Is the Narrative shifting from entities to humans?" with a big YES in my opinion. On the coming minutes we'll delve into the intricate world of storytelling, exploring its profound impact on our beliefs, societies, and the narratives shaping our perceptions. ____________________________________________________ Say Salaam to me on instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast check my website Music by Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary), An elderly woman sings for her country, Palestine (youtube)
Disclaimer: This podcast episode addresses sensitive topics, including violence, drug abuse, and references to acts of violence. Listener discretion is strongly advised. _________________________________________ Support Childeren In Gaza ⁠⁠ _________________________________________ Join me on a captivating two-part series into the life of the iconic African-American Muslim leader, Malcolm X. In this first part , I explore the early chapters of Malcolm's extraordinary life, from his challenging childhood to the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York, the transformative journey of self-education that shaped him into a beacon of enlightenment and activism. Malcolm X, a man often referred to as "the angriest Negro in America," revolutionized how black people viewed themselves and their fight for civil rights. He made an indelible mark by shedding his 'slave master' surname for the symbol "X," protesting the erasure of African Americans' true names during slavery. Discover the incredible transformation of a man who, despite enduring immense challenges, emerged as a symbol of resilience, enlightenment, and an unwavering pursuit of justice. Tune in to part one of this series and journey back in time to experience the jazzy music and crowded streets of the ghetto as we delve into the early life of Malcolm X. ____________________________________ Say Salaam to me on instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast check my website Books Malcolm X Read In Prison Report from European Union Agency For Fundemental Rights Music by izocobain94 and Alexandra Desplat (Orbituary) Boys Choir of Harlem (Heros), The Ik Spots (Maybe), Will Osborne
I encourage listeners to look beyond simplified narratives, recognize media bias, and understand the larger context. I highlight the need to acknowledge the deep history of the region and support oppressed Palestinians in their pursuit of basic human rights. instagram: thethinkwork.podcast
#10 Optionality.

#10 Optionality.


Explore the power of optionality in navigating our fast-changing world. Discover how having choices and the ability to adapt in times of uncertainty can provide peace of mind and flexibility in personal relationships and business. Learn to differentiate between noise and signal, and remember to seek out optionality in your ambitions. Instagram: @thethinkwork.podcast Website Music by izcobain94 and Alexandre Desplat, Orbituary.
Salaam I'm Tusem. Let's explore culture, identity, and intellectual property with Kübra Avcı, the Youth representative of the Flemish Unesco commission in Belgium. Dive with me into Kübra's research on the delicate balance between intellectual property and culture. Say "Salaam!" on Instagram: thethinkwork.podcast More about Kübra Avcı. Please Donate for earthquake and floods victims ⁠Morocco ⁠and ⁠Libya Music by izocobain94 and Alexandre Desplat, Orbituary.
In this episode I explore the contributions of Muslim scholars to the field during the 8th to 15th centuries. The focus is on a 10th-century woman astronomer named Maryam al Astrolabi from Aleppo, Syria. DONATE FOR EARTHQUAKE MAROCCO / FLOODS IN LIBYA*u86hje*_ga*MTQwMjcyNTgyLjE2OTQ0MDQ5MjE.*_ga_C7EW6Q0J9K*MTY5NDQwNDkyNi4xLjEuMTY5NDQwNTQxNC41My4wLjA.&_ga=2.24987582.506062327.1694404921-140272582.1694404921&_gac=1.95395310.1694405407.Cj0KCQiA54KfBhCKARIsAJzSrdrATYiE5C5KS-ZaQyn21Fv1DDYEyHX4lBXqdp9Zr_EuyUOimv8v9xcaAoOGEALw_wcB LEARN ABOUT THE EARTHQUAKE AND FLOODS
Salaam! With this conversation, I hope to offer a glimpse into Saja's remarkable journey, her research in explainable Artifical Intelligence, and her experiences as a Ph.D. student. I believe her story will not only resonate with those in the tech field but will also encourage more women across Europe to consider rewarding careers in the IT domain. So, let's dive into this insightful conversation and get ready to be inspired by Saja's wisdom, accomplishments, and her perspective on shaping the future of technology. Say Salaam on Instagram! Music by izocobain94 Follow Saja Tawalbeh : E-mail: Linkedin Google Scholar Research Gate ORCID
In this episode, we explore Nassim Nicholas Taleb's groundbreaking book "Antifragile." Discover how systems thrive against unpredictability and stress, embracing adversity for growth. We delve into the contrasts between fragility and antifragility, stress's impact on adaptation, and the significance of acute stress for resilience. Say "Salaam" on Instagram Music By izcobain94
#5 Ibn Arabi's Life.

#5 Ibn Arabi's Life.


My attempt to tell the lifestory of the Great Master, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi. Resources: Islam Ansiklopedisi Sufism and the Perfect Human, Ibn Arabi Society Mahmud Erol Kılıç: 'Ahmad Avni Bey's Understanding of Ibn 'Arabi' Ibn 'Arabi on the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil) as Spiritual Authority: Caliph, Imam, and Saint Osmanlı’nın mânevî babası İbn Arabi’ydi Say "Salaam" on instagram Check my Website Music By Fiver izocobain93
Starting from ancient barterings, the first coins and "paper" money, I talk about the beef between gold and America (The Nixon Shock & Gold Standard), 2008 Financial Crisis and The Failure of Silicon Valley Bank. Watch documentary "Money, Power, Wall Street" Say "Hi" on instagram Website⁠ Music by Fiver ⁠izocobain94