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Step into the Intentional Reset Project podcast, a bi-weekly journey led by hosts Colleen and Jamie into the realm of intentional living and self-care. Join us as we share a candid glimpse into what it truly looks like to reset your life with purpose. This practical guide is tailored for those navigating a mid-life acknowledgment, offering insights into experiences, setbacks, and victories on the quest to live a purpose-filled life.
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Coming out of our new years’s hibernation Jamie and Colleen share recent transitions professionally, personally amidst embracing intentional living. This episode discusses how we are of staying connected despite busyness, always having good snacks, and finding balance in work and personal life. The conversation also touches on the impact of significant life events and how we are adapting life and building support structures on purpose.  We conclude with a few thoughts on the future of the podcast and their excitement to reconnect with their audience and each other.   Things we’ve learned. Go live your life. Shifting goals = shifting needs. Snacks are an important part of the wfh day. We love being a place to be contentious of our time, and space.
Intentional Reset Project hosts Jamie and Colleen talk about why they choose resting and nesting over New Year's resolutions. They discuss their own resolutions, the history and psychology behind resolutions, and the importance of creating bite-sized goals and building habits. They also talk about the significance of January as a time for nesting, home projects, and reflection. If you are looking for a fresh take on approaching the new year, this is the episode for you. Things we’ve learned 91% of people fail at new years resolutions We enjoy nesting after the holidays Humans are better at slowly layering in new habits We’ve chosen to slow down instead of take on more.



In this episode, your co-hosts Jamie and Colleen discuss the concept of 'editing', particularly in the context of personal relationships and life choices. We recognizing that there are times in life when a relationship or obligation has naturally ended. Sharing personal insights through experiences of  and the empowerment of choosing to take action and close it out. This leads us down the path of sharing personal experiences when setting boundaries, expressing honesty, accepting help, and being mindful of where our time and resources are allocated.     Things we’ve learned It’s better to just say no. Boundaries create better relationships. Being honest vs making excuses eliminates future awkwardness. Accepting help is an act of mindfulness.
Intentional living has gone differently than we intended. We share the first five months of working the wheel of self-care and how our vision of intentional living has gone absolutely off the rails. Changes that have come to be since we started this project are not what we expected; we've slowly accepted they are what's needed.  Things we've learned There is no such thing as "swag for living." Life will prioritize the things you need to focus on. It was time to adjust our habits and routines.  We can pivot. References & Links  A Year Of Mindfuless - Jennifer Raye - Amazon Link (not affeliate) Self-Care Wheel - Olga Phoenix - Website and Downloadable Link   
Welcome to the Intentional Reset Project podcast, where hosts Colleen and Jamie take you on a bi-weekly journey into the world of intentional living and self-care. We’ll be offering a glimpse into what resetting your life with purpose truly looks like. This practical guide will serve anyone amidst a mid-life acknowledgement wanting to hear about the experiences, setbacks and victories of attempting to live a purpose filled life. We are so glad you are here and hope you'll find the courage to join the Intetional Reset Project when the time is right for you. 
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