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I make Sex Toys

Author: Wayne Allen / E-Stim Systems

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Hi My name is Wayne I make sex toys. for a living. Yes. 

How is that not a great way to start a conversation? Great for parties!!

Not only do I make sex toys, I make sex toys that give you electric shocks!!. I'm the creator of E-Stim Systems, an award winning UK company well known for being different when it comes to the world of adult play.

Join me as I explore the hidden world of making sex toys, the ups and downs of working in an very interesting industry, and the ins and outs of using our products.

7 Episodes
Want to Comment - Send us a messageEver wondered how to seamlessly travel with e-stim equipment without running into a frenzy at airport security? Learn the essentials you need to manage airport concernsWayne dives into the practical strategies, ensuring you’re equipped with tips to make your journey smoother and stress-free. But that’s not all—we also unravel the art of handling interactions with airport authorities. Traveling with sensitive items can be nerve-wracking, but by maintaini...
Want to Comment - Send us a messageEver wondered about the secret sauce that turns a spark of an idea into a tangible, market-winning product? Wayne from E-Stim Systems is here to lift the veil on the alchemy of product development. From a simple scribble in his little black book to the thrill of seeing the final product on the shelves, Wayne walks us through the meticulous yet playful journey of innovation. He unveils how customer feedback, including those painful-to-hear critiques, serves a...
Want to Comment - Send us a messageJoin me, Wayne, the founder of E-Stim Systems and the Host of 'I Make SexToys', as I delve into the often misunderstood world of the adult industry. I try to address some of the pervasive taboos surrounding businesses like mine and sheds light on the challenges faced in establishing legitimacy in the marketplace.From navigating payment processing hurdles to dealing with societal misconceptions, I let give you a firsthand account of the trials and trium...
Want to Comment - Send us a messagePicture this: a missed phone call in a Tescos car park, a surprise email lands from the creators of a Major TV who want to send their contestants into a frenzy with a little help from our e-stim devices. That's just a taste of the electrifying journey we embarked on back in 2008.This episode serves up a startling blend of history, high voltage hijinks, and the art of striking deals with entertainment giants. Get ready to chuckle over the antics of TV p...
Want to Comment - Send us a messageWe say Size doesnt matter when it comes to the world of Sex Toys, but is that really the case?Wayne from E-Stim Systems opens the doors on e-stim electrodes and tries to give you a little insight on that age old question does size really matter?From the worlds largest, possibly to the worlds smallest, we discuss things big and small and even what happens if things get stuck. We drift over the guy with 26 piercings and wonder what an oven door handle has to d...
How it all started

How it all started


Want to Comment - Send us a messageSo how did it all start? Wayne talks about the beginnings of E-Stim Systems, how an idea built into a business, with some of the ups and downs on the way.From a garage to a a multi award winning company, with Grannies, smoke alarm batteries and more along the way.Possibly not the idea way to start a company, but it worked for us, and not a business plan or financial advisor in sight.If I can do it, so can you!! "I make sex toys" is a the personal podcas...
Want to Comment - Send us a messageIt's the start of something great - the Introduction!!I make sex toys is a great start to any conversation, and its a great start to our podcast.Join us in discovering the ups and down of starting and running a sex toy manufacturing company from humble beginnings in a garden garage to 20 years later when we are an award winning, industry leading company with customers around the world.Join me as I explore the hidden depths of making sex toys, the ups a...