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Author: Julianna Klimeck and Nicholas Grayson

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Tangential is a culture podcast that works through the events of a week by reading through weekly internet histories. Join hosts Julianna Klimeck and Nicholas Grayson as they try to explain the places and spaces their minds and internet browsers wander to every week.
9 Episodes
Niki went back to college without Jules. It was really rude but we guess not every university willingly complies with the ridiculous, stress-inducing bullshit known as the quarter system. So what does this mean for you? How will you enjoy the (undisputed) voices of our generation each and every week if the owner’s of these voices aren’t even in the same county? Don’t worry. We. Got. You. On this minisode of Tangential, Niki and Jules discuss the most controversial, self-proclaimed invertebrate in America— Taylor Alison Swift (former friend of Abigail). For all you Pong and Tetris lovers, Niki talks about something called "PAX Wrestling", and Jules gets into some NCAA drama. All this and a little less than usual on Tangential’s first ever minisode!
Jules and Niki are heading off to school, so we're updating you on where the show will go while we're away! (Don't worry, it's not going far!)
Did you miss us? On the sixth episode of Tangential, Jules gives a long-winded apology for not recording an episode last week. (TLDL— she’s a trash human being.) Then, Niki channels his inner Diane Sawyer and gives us the distressing truth behind everyone's favorite trader, Joe. Want an Ebert-esque analysis on Chipotle's newest gimmick that will get customers to forget about e. coli? Of course you do. All this and more on the most wholesome (read: unwholesome) podcast to have graced Stitcher.
On the fifth episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules attempt to introduce a political segment and show off their accent capacities. Additionally, Nicholas shares some hot takes on Broadway's flops and hits and Jules rolls her eyes accordingly. You can actually hear the eye rolling.
On the fourth episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules welcome a special guest, Nailah Hollis. Listen to the three "friends" have an almost-succinct chinwag discussing Dunkirk, Kid Cuisine, and an overwhelming amount of murder. Trigger Warning: The following podcast contains discussions about murder cases, rape, and kidnapping.
On this episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules delve into the flash computer games of their youth and give you a breakdown of the summer’s hottest blockbusters. The highly anticipated Season 7 premiere of HBO’s mega-hit, Game of Thrones, came out last Sunday—Niki regrettably opts to talk about Rachel Lindsay’s “Hometowns” episode instead.
Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if you got halfway through recording an episode of your new podcast before deciding to scrap it and start over? We were too, so we did that this week, and ended up talking about Jeff Bezos' Prime Day, record players, and Demi Moore, while skirting the boundaries of US Fair Use law. (pls don't sue, Lin)
On the second episode of Tangential, Jules and Niki welcome our first ever guest, Noah Pica! We chat about Malta, killer clowns, and weddings at the Guggenheim.
On the inaugural episode of Tangential, Jules and Niki talk about wisdom teeth, Okja, the US Open Cup, and the California driver's permit test!
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