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Letters from listeners

Letters from listeners


Broadcast 916: Hosts David & Merki have lots of fun reading listeners letters and playing good music that takes you on through the early morning hours before dawn.
"Post" COVID world

"Post" COVID world


Broadcast 913Z- Host David Hartley takes you through the early morning hours with entertaining thoughts on the possible post-COVID world and how crazy it could get. And how much coffee you will need to drink to get you through it all. Join us and have some fun as we let the radio waves float you through the starlight of the new dawn.
The first hour of the 08/25/2022 broadcast. Are humans already more than half machine? Host David Hartley looks at both the good and bad aspects of becoming both artificial and the natural at the same time. That more often than not we aren't fully aware that we are well on our way to becoming robots.
The second hour of the 08/25/2022 broadcast.Host David Hartley plays some of Merki Ann's files that highlight a discussion about the Amazonian hallucinogenic plant medicine Yopo. A deaf dog on a North Sea island. Some shortwave weirdness and a dose of good music in between everything else. Tune in!!
Broadcast 851: Dreams can do a lot of things for you. Especially at the Blue Kat cafe.
Broadcast 847: Host David Hartley takes you through the late night and early morning hours. Covering various topics from of a multiplicity of reality & dreams. To an over saturation of technology and digital reality. Lay back, relax and enjoy the ghost sounds of analog radio. And hey, take snooze too if you wants. And while your dreaming we will carry you across night airwaves, and all of it in the privacy of your own room. :)
Broadcast 848: Bringing you the strange, haunting and ghost-like night life of shortwave radio. Host David Hartley plays some of Merki's Ann Bell's pre-recorded radio transmissions, that are far more unconscious radio dreams than ever a cold, sobering 9-5/ waking reality. So rest your weary bones and let the radio put you to sleep.
Broadcast 844: Host David Hartley takes you through the late night and early morning hours. And spins you across the radio waves with strange and interesting topics.
Broadcast 842: We get weirder TV on the radio here. Tune and listen why ;)
Broadcast 842: Host David Hartley takes you through the night with lots of coffee, and yet more weird and fun stuff that goes along with shortwave radio and lots of starlight. And then asks the big question...Are you really awake? Or just dreaming? Well, listen and find out! ;)
Broadcast 832: How far can a text go? How much can just words say? Even when things get ever so lost between all the lines and spaces.
Broadcast 831: Host Merki Ann Bell takes you on one of her haunted road trips to the borderlands of Arizona and Mexico, through ghost towns, romance, and loss.
Broadcast 838: Host David Hartley gives a brief heartfelt thought on the souls of animals. And a walk through the wild landscapes of Northern Arizona.
Broadcast 821: Host David Hartley starts his new portrait series with Flagstaff wolf & prairie dog specialist Emily Renn
LIVE Broadcast 813Ζ- Host David Hartley takes you into the inner realms of mind, Earth, and ghosts. And the possibility of interdimensional monsters and nuclear war. And otherwise just trying to have a good day. ;) And Hey! If you got Earbuds. . .then use them! It really enhances the sound environments of our shows and puts you right "there".
The Tuba Man

The Tuba Man


Broadcast 819: Join us in one of our short crime/ noir dramas. And hear the whole story according to the Tuba Man
Broadcast 1816- Host David Hartley brings you part 2 of the Frankenstein tapes. And makes a loving dedication to poet and author Mary Shelley and her lost and haunted summer of 1816.
Broadcast 817: Host David Hartley plays all of his rare 78 speed record collection of the western swing group called the Modern Mountaineers from mid 1930s Texas. Hear the crazy and gifted Smokey Woods as he was back in old time Texas. This broadcast will only stay up for a short time.
Broadcast 831: Hosts Merki Ann and David Hartley take you through the night with part one of the Frankenstein tapes. Enjoy as they discuss Mary Shelley, 1816, monsters, androids, and maybe going too far with science. ! Point of interest/ We snapped this photo of David & Merki getting caught snacking in the backroom in between broadcasts. Lol ;)
Broadcast 826: Merki and David join up for a weird talk on UFOs, shortwave radio ghosts, and some good music. Plug your earbuds in and have fun tripping out on a live radio episode.
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