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Author: David Hartley

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Welcome to our little night radio group! You can find various podcasts here from our live radio show called Inbetween Stations Radio. Which has been hosted by David Hartley and Merki Ann Bell since 2009.

Our live shortwave broadcasts typically run in 30-minute to 3-hour time frames and cover a variety of topics from mysteries, dreams, UFOs, and hallucinogenic plants, to general history. And even funny little radio plays with great music to boot. Tune in right here! :)
58 Episodes
my ghostly twin

my ghostly twin


BROADCAST 6266: Host David Hartley talks about a childhood illness, death and his ghostly twin Sarah. And how opening ourselves up to a broader more expansive reality might be the key to not only healing, but to truly enjoying our lives.
Broadcast 1638- What You See and What You Don't See. So what lays beyond the so called normal senses that could be affecting the ultimate nature of our reality? Ride the night radio waves with hosts David Hartley & Merki Ann Bell as they play good music, give laughs and a nightly dose of the weird.
Host David Hartley reflects on the first atomic bomb test that was 79 years ago. Can we truly alter the catastrophic trajectory towards where we seem to be heading? Is there a mystical doorway to help us change directions before it's too late? And hey! Dig the cool pict of Merki Ann in her 1964' Cadillac!
Broadcast 002220- Burnt toast, the mystery of human consciousness and an unforgettable moon rise in the Northern Arizona desert.
Broadcast 001116- Join hosts David Hartley & Merki Ann Bell as they take you into the weird and mysterious world of the missing cabin in parallel worlds.
Broadcast 1115: Join this live radio broadcast as host David Hartley concludes the 3-part series on death. With highlights of Plato's Phaedo & Zhuangzi's butterflies that dream they are men.



Broadcast 1342: Host David Hartley brings the ghost of loss to life by doing a reading of the haunting 1950s poem by D. Hall.
Broadcast 651b: Host David Hartley bid farewell to an old friend. And recalls a few lost memories from childhood,
the war on my radio

the war on my radio


Broadcast Bravo 638- Host David Hartley's reflections on war and loss. And how a night on the shortwave radio takes him back to a much darker time.
Broadcast 2045: Are we at a point where our technology has hit a wall? Have we gone too far and become overwhelmed with its rapid advancement? Join Merki Ann Bell and David Hartley as they explore the downside of technology, infused with plenty of humor, music, and zany antics.
000114- Join hosts David Hartley and Merki Ann Bell in the second installment of their three-part series on death, where they explore animal consciousness and the concept of redemption. Discover what it means to share heaven with dogs and wolves, as David Hartley recounts a captivating dream about his dear dog Aussie and the potential for an afterlife.
Broadcast 00113- Embark on a journey through a captivating three-part series on death with hosts David Hartley and Merki Ann Bell, as they delve into personal and collective experiences of loss. The hosts also explore classic religious texts, including the Tibetan and Egyptian books of the dead, shedding light on the mysterious nature of dying. Join us on a live radio adventure into the Land of Death, and possibly unravel it's meaning.
Broadcast 00423 : Hosts David Hartley & Merki Ann Bell take a look at the new year 2023 with a 15-minute introduction. And then take you to a fascinating interview with taiko teacher and modern dancer David Ramos. And how you might possibly make the new year into a peaceful & happy one.
the Zeitgeist of 2023

the Zeitgeist of 2023


Broadcast 1323: Hosts David Hartley & Merki Ann Bell take you into the New Year of 2023 with thoughts on the old and good things in life. 78- speed records mixed with lots of great humor. And a look at the very mysterious nature of time itself. And just who or what is the Zeitgeist of 2023? Well listen to Inbetween Stations radio and find out. Added to the ending is the odd fluid fading away of the year 2022 passing away on the shortwave.
A short Introduction for Inbetween Stations Radio.
Broadcast 1019: Host David Hartley looks into communication between people and places, culture, and species. The possible breakdown in our modern technology that gives us the supposed luxury to isolate ourselves and disconnect from in-person contact.
Broadcast 1316: In this episode, host David Hartley delves into the intricacies of memory amidst the turmoil of loss, exploring the depths of pain and sorrow that we experience. The question arises, how much of this intense emotion can we truly suppress? Especially when it's linked to the loss of someone or the end of a relationship. Join us as we investigate the complex relationship between memory and loss, and unravel the ways in which we cope with the aftermath.
Neavi's story

Neavi's story


Broadcast 1113 - Host David Hartley plays a short story of love, loss, and redemption. Enjoy a beautiful lament on your night radio underneath the evening stars and the beautiful constellation of Orion. We love and miss you Tiva...a lot! <3
Broadcast 1051- Host David Hartley takes you through the early morning hours with thoughts on life, death, time, and art. And more loving reflections on his recently deceased girlfriend Tiva.
the late october show

the late october show


Broadcast 1019: Host David Hartley takes you through the early morning hours with talk, fun, ghosts on film, and thoughts on later October. And then finally with an ending dedicated to his beloved girlfriend Tiva who recently passed away.
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