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Rudy (What The Fun)

Rudy (What The Fun)


Dans les moments où la vie ne vous semble pas vraiment drôle, c’est réconfortant de savoir qu’il y a quelqu’un qui a toujours le mot pour vous faire rire. Et une personne qui prend le rire drôlement au sérieux c'est Rudy, co-fondateur de What The Fun. Dans cet épisode, Rudy répond au what avec un peu de fun.
In the words of Vera Wang, “A wedding gown represents far more than just a dress. It is also the embodiment of a dream.” For Valentine, founder of Valentine Avoh Atelier, each dress that she makes is the symbol of her dream come true: working in fashion. In this episode, Valentine takes us down the aisle and down memory lane, from her debut as an international intern to getting international press coverage.
Sébastien and Olivier, founders of Brussels Beer Project, started with a big dream and not much else. And since Brussels Beer Project isn't just about having a beer, but about sharing and savouring it, Sébastien shares his story with us of how they went from discovering beers to making beers, from Olivier's garage to their upcoming 6 million Euro investment brewery. So sit back, crack open a cold one, and savour the moment - we have a gut feeling you'll enjoy it.
Arthur et Natacha ont peut-être la frite mais une chose est sûre : ils ne rentrent pas dans le moule. Fondateurs de la marque Belge une fois, ils sont partenaires en affaires et partenaires de vie - ensemble pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Cet episode vous emmène dans le pays de Belge une fois, où la devise est 'l’amour fait la force'.
Il y a sept ans, en quittant le droit, Elodie ne savait pas encore où ça allait l'a mener, mais elle savait qu’elle était sur le droit chemin. Aujourd'hui fondatrice de Love & Tralala, Elodie n'est pas une wedding planner ordinaire. Son chemin (joliment fleuri) fait peut-être penser à une comédie romantique, pourtant, Elodie est bel et bien la réalisatrice de ses rêves.
You've likely heard the saying "Belgians do it better" before. Whether you believe in it or not, Sylvain took it literally when he decided to create his own brand of ketchup, Brussels Ketjep. Of course, he didn't stop there. But who is the mystery man behind all his sauces and what's his secret ingredient to success? Well, in this episode, he shares his blood, sweat and tears with us.* ​*Best enjoyed with a side of ketjep and fries.
Ever wonder what it would be like to organize parties with your friends for a living? Jehanne doesn't have to wonder because, together with three friends, she is co-founder of the God Save the 90s parties. Attracting thousands of people in their best 90s outfits each time, these parties are a great way to travel back in time and forget your responsibilities. Jehanne takes us backstage in this episode if it all sounds too good to be true.
Jerome (Manhattn's)

Jerome (Manhattn's)


More than just another burger place in Brussels, it’s a New York experience. But how exactly do you bring a juicy taste of adventure into a big bite of self-made entrepreneurship? Well, first you have to go on one. And that’s just what Jerome did before becoming co-founder of Manhattn's.
Want to eat out with style in Brussels but not sure where to go? Brussels' Kitchen is the first stop to making the right decision. But who is behind the blog that's now turned into an empire? In this episode, Chloé, co-founder with her friend Sarah of Brussels' Kitchen, shares her story of hard work striving for perfection, a friendship put to test and a passion for food and beautiful spaces.
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