DiscoverThe Matt Walker Podcast# 72 - Sleep & Cannabis
# 72 - Sleep & Cannabis

# 72 - Sleep & Cannabis

Update: 2024-04-22


Matt introduces his series examining the complex relationship between sleep and cannabis, exploring both the historical context and contemporary scientific perspectives. The narrative begins with Dr. W.B. O'Shaughnessy's canine experiments in 1849, tracing the evolution to the foundational work on cannabis for sleep conducted by Drs. Clendinning and Bradbury. Despite anecdotal reports suggesting cannabis enhances sleep, the scenario is complicated by factors such as regulatory constraints, variable product quality, and the potential long-term health implications of cannabis usage.

In discussing the impact of cannabis on sleep, Matt elucidates the interactions among THC, CBD, and the endocannabinoid system. Initial benefits may include improved sleep onset and efficiency, but chronic use is often associated with negative outcomes such as increased nocturnal awakenings and reduced sleep quality in the latter half of the night. Additionally, Matt explores the challenges associated with discontinuing cannabis use, including the risk of THC dependency for sleep induction, highlighting the necessity for evidence-based approaches and individualized decision-making in using cannabis as a sleep aid.

Matt's analysis extends to the global context of cannabis consumption, advocating for well-informed choices amidst its growing popularity and the dynamic landscape of scientific research.

Please be aware that Matt is not a medical professional, and the content of this podcast should not be regarded as medical advice or as prescriptive in any manner.

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# 72 - Sleep & Cannabis

# 72 - Sleep & Cannabis

Dr. Matt Walker