DiscoverChurch Planter Starter Kit04: 3 Choices You Must Make For Your Church Website & Brand
04: 3 Choices You Must Make For Your Church Website & Brand

04: 3 Choices You Must Make For Your Church Website & Brand

Update: 2018-05-05


Today’s episode covers the 3rd Missional Marketing Maxim.

My goal is to transform the way you view your church website and brand. Instead of cringing, I want you to imagine your website and brand as a POWERFUL digital missionary.

3 Choices You Must Make About Your Church Website and Brand
You’ve got a million decisions to make as a church planter. I’ve got good news and bad news when it comes to your decision about your website and brand.

First, The Bad News…
You have to make a decision about your church website and brand. There’s no neutral. No pause button. No ‘phone a friend’ escape.

The Good News…There are only 3 options. You will do one of these three things, guaranteed.

Discover what the 3 are so you can make use of the powerful missionary potential of your website.

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Gone are the days of writing an epic blog post all on your own. There are some great apps you can use to make writing easier. Plus, using these apps makes you a better writer.Today’s episode continues on the topic of why, what, and how pastors should blog. THE SECRET: Relax! Approach Blogging Like A Dairy Farmer…Milk More Out Of Last Week’s Great Sermon.Think back to last week. You prepared a sermon, preached a sermon, recorded your sermon, and put it online, right? That was a lot of work for a 30–45-minute window. But what if you could get way more missional bang for your buck? With blogging, you can.As we’ve discussed, blogging is a great way to repurpose content you already have—like that sermon! Even better, you can put on your missionary hat. Now use your articles to answer the specific questions of your culture. Think of your article as a chance to go a little deeper into gospel application for the non-church-goer you long to reach.3 Things You’ll Discover About Blogging in This Episode:1. A simple process for writing regular blog posts.2. The apps I use to make your writing sing like Beyonce.3. A few handy tips to melt away your frigid fears of blogging.Grab Your Free Resource from Today’s Episode: The Apps + The Tips + The Video How-ToYour resource has all links to the free apps mentioned in today’s episode, along with my simple writing tips. I also made a quick video for you. You get a behind-the-scenes look at how I use each app. Get yours at
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04: 3 Choices You Must Make For Your Church Website & Brand

04: 3 Choices You Must Make For Your Church Website & Brand