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06/07/15 Bandalier

06/07/15 Bandalier

Update: 2017-02-22


Sean Cox – Lead Vocal, Guitar
Greg Irwin – Guitar
Austin Reitz – Keys, Moog
Greg Smith – Drums
Melissa Barrison – Violin
Jay Lauterwasser – Bass

Bandalier perform live in our studio:
Filthy Butterfly
Last Parade
Shade of Blue
Shaun and Greg talk about their history of playing together for a long time and the difficulty they had in finding the right drummer and bass player. Bandalier discuss what sets them apart – the willingness to experiment with different parts and styles and the ability to blend it all together into a seamless whole; a sound at once familiar and accessible and at the same time unique and fresh. The band members talk about their influences – everything from classic and prog rock to Punk, English folk and video game music.
Bandalier talk about recording at Pacific Beat Studio in Pacific Beach, San Diego and about giving their album away for free at live shows, or asking for donations, instead of charging a set price. We discuss some of the challenges faced by local bands, the predominance of the Pay-To-Play model being one of the biggest hurdles for up-and-coming bands and ways to get around such obstacles. We discuss the importance of local bands supporting each other to build a community and a vibrant local music scene, and talk about the new San Diego chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a support, education and networking collective of musicians and industry professionals which aims to do just that.
Bandalier perform live in our studio:
New Orleans
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06/07/15 Bandalier

06/07/15 Bandalier

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