DiscoverCloudSkills.fm090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle
090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle

090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle

Update: 2020-09-101


In this episode I catch up with Bart Castle, an Expert Trainer at CBT Nuggets where he spends his days making training content while consulting on the side. Though Bart began in the blue-collar sector, he quickly found his way into DevOps which led him into the consulting side of the Cloud-computing world. Now, he is in the position to shape the content that those in the cloud and DevOps sector want to consume!

Bart Castle is an IT professional with over eighteen years of experience, Bart has become a trusted leader and subject matter expert in the Cloud Computing arena.

Bart teaches a variety of DevOps, Networking, Telephony, and traditional enterprise technology courses. He also assists organizations of all sizes by providing cloud-migration strategy and support through Castle IT Consulting.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Bart’s background and how he got into cloud computing

  • Behavioral problems are difficult to fix with technology

  • A light bulb went off in Bart’s head that led him to the training space

  • The Cloud Credential Council gave Bart the knowledge to create effective training content

  • Certifications are where the real-world implementation can get lost

  • This multimedia world has created innovative and unique ways to learn

  • Content that Bart is working on right now that act as a holistic approach to learn those skills

  • Cloud is only going to continue to grow, so there is plenty of content opportunity

  • Holistic learning might be a better way to go than the certification route

  • AWS is putting out exciting framework and server lenses that drive businesses

  • There are plenty of opportunities to add extra income streams right now

  • Network-compute infrastructure driven areas that hold hidden opportunity

  • COVID has changed the world of virtual training forever

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090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle

090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle

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