DiscoverTech Lead Journal#15 - Tech Resumes & Learnings From Uber Engineering Manager - Gergely Orosz
#15 - Tech Resumes & Learnings From Uber Engineering Manager - Gergely Orosz

#15 - Tech Resumes & Learnings From Uber Engineering Manager - Gergely Orosz

Update: 2020-11-16


“The goal of your resume is to get a recruiter call. It’s a binary yes or no. That is the goal. As soon as you have your recruiter call, your resume doesn’t really matter that much."

Gergely is a seasoned software engineer and engineering manager, previously worked in hypergrowth companies such as Uber, Skyscanner, and Skype. He is the author of “The Tech Resume Inside Out” book and “The Pragmatic Engineer” blog. In this episode, he shared about his interesting programmer-to-manager career journey path, starting from small companies and moving to hypergrowth startups. We then discussed on the importance of a tech resume and the common pitfall that people have in their tech resume, which led him to write his recent book that came up after he has been helping so many people improve their resume during the pandemic. I also had an insightful discussion with Gergely about how the Engineering team works at Uber, which brought us to touch on what Silicon Valley gets right when dealing with software engineers. Gergely also shared the reason he quit Uber recently and his future plan. We then talked about his blog, where he has been sharing many interesting technical topics that he learned throughout the years, helping him to discover many viewpoints from others and shaping him as a better communicator. We also discussed some of his popular blog posts on distributed systems and software architecture. Lastly, Gergely also shared his firsthand experience seeing Uber’s pace of change and its growing number of microservices.

Listen out for:

  • Gergely’s career journey - [00:06:51 ]

  • Why getting interviews could be tough - [00:13:00 ]

  • “The Tech Resume Inside Out“ book - [00:16:29 ]

  • Tech resume pitfalls - [00:21:51 ]

  • Working at Uber - [00:25:20 ]

  • Managing Engineering team at hyperscale company - [00:27:16 ]

  • What Silicon Valley gets right dealing with Software Engineers - [00:33:34 ]

  • Leaving Uber - [00:37:12 ]

  • Writing blogs - [00:40:01 ]

  • Distributed system - [00:42:44 ]

  • Other popular blog posts - [00:44:53 ]

  • Uber’s pace of change and microservices - [00:49:31 ]

  • Gergely’s 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:51:30 ]


Gergely Orosz’s Bio

Gergely Orosz is an engineering lead, previously at Uber, Skype / Microsoft and Skyscanner. He is passionate about helping engineers grow. He published articles on software engineering on The Pragmatic Engineer blog, has written the book “The Tech Resume Inside Out: what a good developer resume looks like”, and is currently writing ”The Software Engineer’s Guidebook”.

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#15 - Tech Resumes & Learnings From Uber Engineering Manager - Gergely Orosz

#15 - Tech Resumes & Learnings From Uber Engineering Manager - Gergely Orosz

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