DiscoverMotherhood Meets Medicine154: The Power of the Dyslexic Brain with April McMurtrey
154: The Power of the Dyslexic Brain with April McMurtrey

154: The Power of the Dyslexic Brain with April McMurtrey

Update: 2024-03-20


If you’ve listened to the podcast for any amount of time, you know that one of our children has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Once she was finally diagnosed, an entire world of knowledge and resources opened up for us. But it took a LONG time to get to this point. 

Because of our journey, it’s important to me to share expert information with you about this extremely common neurological condition. Which is why I reached out to April McMurtrey. 

April is a professional reading specialist, dyslexia specialist, author, and the developer of the Learn Reading program. She has been helping struggling and dyslexic students for over 30 years, breaking through their reading barriers to unlock the world of words. April is currently preparing for a TED talk about dyslexia awareness that I cannot wait for. Her book, Is That Dyslexia, is now on shelves, and she also has resources that will help struggling and dyslexic students, parents of those students and parents who are those students, including dyslexia screenings and online courses. 

Having dyslexia doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage. It's just your brain seeing things differently. Listen in to learn about how you can support your kids, why dyslexia can be a strength, and how to get the right screenings if you notice certain behaviors in your child.

In this episode, we discuss: 

How common dyslexia is.

The signs and symptoms of dyslexia.

How to advocate and help your child with dyslexia.

Talents and strengths of people with dyslexia may have.


The Learn Reading Program

Is it Dyslexia by April McMurtrey

Aaron Slater, Illustrator: A Picture Book (The Questioneers)

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Learn Reading

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What is dyslexia?

What are some of the signs and symptoms of dyslexia?

How common is dyslexia?

How early can dyslexia typically be identified? How important is it to diagnose early as opposed to later on?

How do you go about diagnosing dyslexia? What should I do as a parent if I think my child may be dyslexic but the school won't evaluate?

How do you help a struggling or dyslexic learner?

What are some effective teaching methods and approaches that can be employed to help individuals with dyslexia improve their reading skills?

What are some of the talents and strengths that dyslexics have? How can I help foster this in my own child?

What are some of your favorite resources for those wanting to learn more about dyslexia?

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154: The Power of the Dyslexic Brain with April McMurtrey

154: The Power of the Dyslexic Brain with April McMurtrey

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