DiscoverBiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast322: 3 Things Every Leader MUST Do to Scale with Ben Kinney
322: 3 Things Every Leader MUST Do to Scale with Ben Kinney

322: 3 Things Every Leader MUST Do to Scale with Ben Kinney

Update: 2019-03-2131


Today’s guest grew up poor, living in a cabin without power or running water. But now he controls millions of dollars in real estate, owns several companies, and leads one of the country’s top-producing sales teams.

How did Ben Kinney pull that off?

The story involves, of course, hard work and tenacity. It involves a book that shifted his mindset at just the right time. And most importantly, it involves teamwork.

In this episode, Ben lays out the hiring process he used to build a real estate agent business. He talks about how he got used to rejection working as a “cable guy” and shares how YOU can find an off-market deal and start house hacking—without a lot of money out of pocket.

Ben also details the seven goals that influenced his every decision and the three things every leader should do when growing his or her business. (Hint: “inspect what you expect.”)

In the “Deal Deep Dive” segment, Ben tells us how he was able to buy a company for a hefty price by controlling the terms of the deal.

He’s a big-picture guy, who will challenge you to think differently about real estate and business. If you feel held back by tasks you don’t enjoy, listen to this show for practical tips on how to delegate more effectively.

Today’s episode will inspire you and help you invest more efficiently, so you can do what you love and watch your wealth grow.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The amazing story behind how Ben got started selling homes
  • Being recession proof
  • Why he builds and buys businesses
  • Using synergy to grow his RE empire
  • What he looks for in a deal
  • Why he likes to buy and hold instead of flip
  • How big businessmen save on taxes
  • What is the income triangle and how to flip it
  • Finding great leaders as partners or employees
  • Building an ecosystem to help find him deals
  • Questions he asks new hires or partners to determine if they are the right ones
  • The story about how he spent six days to find ONE hire
  • Working only do things he enjoys
  • And SO much more!

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “I hate when people call me an entrepreneur and the reason is because 98% so-called entrepreneurs fail.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Systems make the ordinary become extraordinary.” (Tweet This!)
  • “People complicate things to justify their inactions.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You can’t be chasing money because money runs too fast.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Hire the things you don’t enjoy.” (Tweet This!)

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322: 3 Things Every Leader MUST Do to Scale with Ben Kinney

322: 3 Things Every Leader MUST Do to Scale with Ben Kinney