DiscoverThe Wild Podcast#40 Gavin Lang - Mastering the Mountains of the Mind
#40 Gavin Lang - Mastering the Mountains of the Mind

#40 Gavin Lang - Mastering the Mountains of the Mind

Update: 2020-09-021


Gavin Lang is a New Zealand mountain guide and photographer who combines self-development with nature and adventure to help people overcome the mountains within themselves.

In this episode, Jonny talks with Gavin about how he developed a passion for mountaineering, despite growing up in Ireland where the highest mountain is about 1000m.

They also talk about his Seeking the Light project, in which Gavin is climbing the 24 New Zealand mountains higher than 3000m to tell the story of the mental health benefits of adventure, challenge and the outdoors.

It's a really inspiring conversation that goes deep into the healing power of nature and the mind.

One quick note, the neck injury that Gavin talks about that led to some of his darkest days happened while he was rock climbing and he twisted his neck in an awkward way - they don't actually cover that back story in the conversation, so it's helpful to have that context going in.


Follow Gavin on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out his guiding company First Light Guiding.

Find more information on Gavin's Seeking the Light project here.

Watch the video of the Peru expedition Gavin led with Penny Brothers (mentioned in the podcast starting at 27:50 ).

Get a glimpse of what Gavin's Self Mastery Through Mountaineering course is like here.


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#40 Gavin Lang - Mastering the Mountains of the Mind

#40 Gavin Lang - Mastering the Mountains of the Mind

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