#43: Dave Pere

#43: Dave Pere

Update: 2024-01-01


David Pere is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who's helped tens of thousands of fellow military veterans accelerate their journey to financial freedom through his From Military to Millionaire podcast, books, Facebook group, Youtube channel, events, and War Room mastermind.

In this episode, David talks about transitioning from the military (or any W-2 career for that matter) to business ownership and real estate investing; the importance of connecting with a tribe when taking on a big challenge; and how he's built wealth and freedom on the strength of a middle-class salary.

He also talks about:

- Getting inspired by Rich Dad, Poor Dad as a broke Marine who'd blown his savings on motorcycles, tattoos, and dates

- The camaraderie he felt with his platoon while deployed, and his experience hitting a roadside bomb

- Getting into real estate via house hacking and why he still does it

- His take on the VA loan, "the best primary residence loan on the market"

- His #1 piece of advice for military members who want to set themselves up to build wealth during and after their service

- Why he left the military and how owning a business and real estate helped him make that leap earlier

- What he learned from a long-distance house flip gone bad

- The best and worst real estate deals he's done and what he's learned ("call your attorney before things go off the rails!")

- Getting involved in a 4-year lawsuit over a real estate transaction

- Balancing the Cardone/10X mentality with caution to avoid financial disaster

- His tips for building a personal brand

- Getting past the "BMW" (Below Minimum Wage) phase of starting a business or side hustle

- Carving out quality time with his 7-year-old son and navigating a divorce as a dad and stepdad

- Who you should – and should not – take advice from

David's Charitable Cause:

Heal the Heroes, which hosts healing retreats and experiences for military veterans and first responders working through trauma and the transition to civilian roles

Books Mentioned:

- Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

- The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner

- Invest in Debt by Jimmy Napier

- Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

- 10X is Easier than 2X by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Connect with David: 

- TheBestPodcastGuest.com (really!)

- Instagram

- Military to Millionaire Facebook Group

- Military to Millionaire website









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#43: Dave Pere

#43: Dave Pere

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