DiscoverStrictly Anonymous Confessions770 - Abby is a Hotwife with a Stag/Cuck Husband
770 - Abby is a Hotwife with a Stag/Cuck Husband

770 - Abby is a Hotwife with a Stag/Cuck Husband

Update: 2024-02-19


Abby is a hotwife with a stag/cuck husband and she called in to talk all about it. How did she tell her husband about her MFM threesome fantasy? How did he feel about it? And, when did they have their first threesome? Tune in to hear all the details including how and why she was very reluctant before their first threesome and exactly what went down, how the reclaiming sex helped her get over all her fears and transformed her marriage, the rules they had going in, how and why she prefers to have regulars instead of one night stands, how and why her husband eventually just started watching instead of participating, the younger guy she was hooking up with and why she loved banging him so much, how and why she’s sees her husband as a stag as opposed to cuck, how she enjoys when her husband is there involve as much as when she plays solo, the day she did two guys together at once and how that happened, the one night stand she had with a guy with a huge d*** and what went down, the day she recently had where she did four guys in one day including her husband and how that went down, their experience in the swinger community, what exactly went down and why it wasn’t so great, how she enjoyed seeing her husband hook up with another woman, the unicorn they met up with recently and what went down, their couple swap with a guy with a micropenis and a whole lot more.

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770 - Abby is a Hotwife with a Stag/Cuck Husband

770 - Abby is a Hotwife with a Stag/Cuck Husband

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