DiscoverTech Lead Journal#8 - Digital Transformation Journey in SP Digital - Chang Sau Sheong
#8 - Digital Transformation Journey in SP Digital - Chang Sau Sheong

#8 - Digital Transformation Journey in SP Digital - Chang Sau Sheong

Update: 2020-09-281


“There is no permanent failure and there is no guarantee of success either. What you define as success, what you define as failure is just a definition."

Sau Sheong is the CEO of SP Digital, an energytech company, part of SP Group, the leading energy utility in Asia Pacific and one of Singapore’s largest corporations. In this episode, Sau Sheong shared with me about the digital transformation journey that he embarked in SP Digital, including some success and failure stories. His achievements during this transformation journey led him to winning the “Executive of the Year for Utilities” award at SBR Management Excellence Awards 2019. Sau Sheong also shared his interesting career journey from being a software engineer, to being a CTO, and to becoming a CEO in SP Digital. Sau Sheong has written multiple programming books, and he mentioned what drives him to write those books, and why he is also very active in the tech communities. Don’t miss his sharing on some unique experiences that he had with his readers!

Listen out for:

  • Sau Sheong’s unconventional career journey from being a software engineer to becoming a CEO - [00:04:36 ]

  • How SP Digital went through digital transformation - [00:09:49 ]

  • Why Sau Sheong took up SP Digital CEO role - [00:25:05 ]

  • Some failure stories during SP Digital digital transformation - [00:26:33 ]

  • Sau Sheong’s personal awards and recognitions - [00:29:57 ]

  • Why Sau Sheong dedicates his time for community contributions - [00:32:18 ]

  • Sau Sheong’s writing passion and why he likes writing, including authoring books - [00:35:47 ]

  • Sau Sheong’s Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:40:06 ]


Chang Sau Sheong’s Bio

Sau Sheong runs SP Digital, the digital business subsidiary of SP Group. In his 25 years of industry experience, he has lead engineering teams at PayPal, Yahoo, and HP to build software products. He was previously a co-founder in a software company and was involved in startups for more than 10 years. He is active and contributes to many technology communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia (especially Go and Ruby) and has written 4 programming books. Sau Sheong has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Commercial Law.

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#8 - Digital Transformation Journey in SP Digital - Chang Sau Sheong

#8 - Digital Transformation Journey in SP Digital - Chang Sau Sheong

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