DiscoverROCKLAZ Radio with Tanmay Shah#87 Consumer AI, Marketing Secrets & Entrepreneurship with Vivek Bhargava
#87 Consumer AI, Marketing Secrets & Entrepreneurship with Vivek Bhargava

#87 Consumer AI, Marketing Secrets & Entrepreneurship with Vivek Bhargava

Update: 2024-03-22


Co-founder of, discusses the importance of consumer intelligence and how it can help businesses make better decisions. He explains the concept of Consumer AI and its role in understanding customer behaviour. Vivek also shares insights on building the Consumr AI team and the challenges they faced. He discusses the data points they gather from various platforms and how they use them to provide valuable insights to their clients. Vivek also talks about the pricing strategy in India and the US, as well as the importance of developing an abundance mindset in the AI world. He shares tips for B2B marketing in the digital marketing industry. In this part of the conversation, Vivek discusses the RFP process and the importance of metrics and measurement in B2B marketing. He emphasizes the need to understand the nuances of different industries and solve pain points for clients. Vivek also highlights the importance of specializing in a niche and becoming the best in the world in that area. He discusses the role of AI in disrupting industries and the value of human expertise in AI. Vivek advises entrepreneurs to adapt to changing industries and technology and to pursue their passion with focus and dedication. In this conversation, Vivek discusses various topics related to video editing, marketing, pricing, and influencer marketing. He emphasizes the importance of continuously improving one's skills as a video editor and creating content that is close to reality. Vivek also highlights the need to understand the business you're in and identify the job to be done for your clients. He shares insights on pricing strategies and the potential of influencer marketing in reaching and engaging with Gen Z audiences.

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00:00 Introduction and Background
01:21 Consumer Intelligence and Profit Wheel
04:40 Building the Consumr AI Team
06:02 Data Points and Customer Behavior
08:10 Design and Ease of Use of the Platform
10:36 Insights on Consumer Behavior in Different Countries
11:47 Perspective on Pricing in India and the US
19:02 Pricing Strategy and Mindset in India
24:46 Building an Abundance Mindset
25:42 Trial Period and Enterprise Sales
31:52 Charging for Pilots and B2B Marketing Tips
36:06 Understanding the RFP Process
38:28 Metrics and Measurement in B2B Marketing
40:53 Understanding the Nuances of Different Industries
42:32 Solving Pain Points for Clients
43:24 Taking Risks and Being Honest with Clients
44:42 Specializing in a Niche
46:10 Entering the Digital Marketing Business
48:07 Becoming the Best in the World
50:37 The Role of AI in Disrupting Industries
51:47 The Value of Human Expertise in AI
52:31 Adapting to Changing Industries and Technology
57:39 The Importance of Passion and Focus
01:03:20 Overcoming Industry Limitations
01:07:36 Finding and Pursuing Passion
01:08:26 The Importance of Boring Tasks and Improvement
01:16:36 Becoming a Real Editor
01:18:01 Understanding the Business You're In
01:18:25 Identifying the Job to Be Done
01:24:04 Pricing Your Services
01:32:22 Getting the First Client
01:35:06 Being the Father of an Influencer
01:41:34 The Potential of Influencer Marketing

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#87 Consumer AI, Marketing Secrets & Entrepreneurship with Vivek Bhargava

#87 Consumer AI, Marketing Secrets & Entrepreneurship with Vivek Bhargava

Tanmay Shah