DiscoverBiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast894: How to Buy a Rental Property in 90 Days (or Less!)
894: How to Buy a Rental Property in 90 Days (or Less!)

894: How to Buy a Rental Property in 90 Days (or Less!)

Update: 2024-02-152


Here’s exactly how to buy your first rental property in ninety days or less. And guess what? You don’t need ANY real estate investing experience to do it. After watching this episode, you’ll be able to find rental properties, analyze them to ensure they’re profitable, and fund them so YOU can start building financial freedom. And whether you want two investment properties or twenty, these are the EXACT steps you’ll need to accomplish your goal.

If you’re dreaming of passive income, financial independence, or throwing your alarm clock out the window, this is the place to start. Dave Meyer, BiggerPockets VP of Market Intelligence, went from waiting tables to making mailbox money EVERY month by investing in real estate over the last decade. Now, Dave lives abroad, doing what he loves and having more than enough passive income to support his lifestyle. He’s giving YOU the beginner steps to start building your own wealth through real estate and showing YOU how to buy your first rental property in just ninety days. 

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In This Episode We Cover:

How to buy your first rental property in ninety days or less

The three beginner steps to investing in real estate successfully

How to achieve financial freedom through rental properties (just like Dave!)

The EASIEST way to find great rental properties in your area

How to analyze a rental property in just minutes using the BiggerPockets Rental Property Calculator

The BIGGEST challenge real estate investors face (and how to get around it)

And So Much More!

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894: How to Buy a Rental Property in 90 Days (or Less!)

894: How to Buy a Rental Property in 90 Days (or Less!)