DiscoverIt's a Material World | Materials Science Podcast92: Training Brain Cells to Play Pong (ft. Hon Weng Chong)
92: Training Brain Cells to Play Pong (ft. Hon Weng Chong)

92: Training Brain Cells to Play Pong (ft. Hon Weng Chong)

Update: 2023-01-30


We know an organic mind is a better learner than any digital model. It can switch tasks easily, and bring learnings from one task to another. But more important is what we don’t know. What are the limits of a mind connected to infinity? What can it do with data it literally lives in?


In today’s episode we welcome Hon Weng Chong, the CEO and Founder of Cortical Labs. He has founded several startups that focused on creating smartphone-based apps for personalized healthcare. At Cortical Labs, he currently focuses on bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and biological intelligence.


🔹️ The overarching goal of Cortical Labs and how this all started.

🔹️ How Cortical Labs trained neurons to play the video game Pong!

🔹 The vision for Cortical Labs and how its technology will make an impact in the future

🔹 Are there any materials science innovations that would boost one’s capabilities to train neurons? 

🔹 And much more! 


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92: Training Brain Cells to Play Pong (ft. Hon Weng Chong)

92: Training Brain Cells to Play Pong (ft. Hon Weng Chong)

Punith Upadhya and David Yeh