DiscoverDaemons Discuss!A Discovery of Witches - "That's a Wrap!"
A Discovery of Witches - "That's a Wrap!"

A Discovery of Witches - "That's a Wrap!"

Update: 2021-04-05


S2 Bonus "That's a wrap!"

That's it for the season until next year, and that's it for us until (on/about) the middle of May! We share our fond memories of covering the 10 episodes of this season, along with what we loved, and parts that, in our opinions, maybe fell a little short. Overall, this season -- for us -- did just what it was supposed to as far as bringing our favorite book of the series to the television screen! All gripes should be taken with a grain of salt, and a healthy dose of laughter! Life is short. Laugh!

We'll talk to you again in May, with Take 81 - ch 12 of The Book of Life!

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  • (00:20 ) Editor's note - We have a giveaway!
  • (01:55 ) Intro/Patreon sponsorship
  • (06:52 ) Main discussion - Our thoughts about Season2 (good, bad, indifferent) — sponsored by Eric Ravensclaw
  • (50:09 ) Housekeeping - Thank you, Stephen, Christine, Jennifer, and Becca — sponsored by Laurie Warren
  • (58:22 ) Save It For the Show - The hints we gathered about S3 - and other stuff (and things) - Sponsored by Norma Young
  • (1:12:55 ) Promo break - scroll down, or click here to get a hold of us and/or become a Discusser -- information on joining our Facebook group also located on that page.
  • (1:14:22 ) Last thoughts/Outro. 

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A Discovery of Witches - "That's a Wrap!"

A Discovery of Witches - "That's a Wrap!"