DiscoverSongs for the Struggling ArtistA View from a Small Apartment in NYC
A View from a Small Apartment in NYC

A View from a Small Apartment in NYC

Update: 2020-07-07


It was when I noticed I was pushing our building door open with my hip that I started dedicating clothes for inside or outside. With the pandemic raging outside, no extra precaution seemed too crazy at a certain point. So I take my clothes off at the door and go wash my hands before putting on the inside clothes. When Scott started wearing outside pants, I thought it was overkill but then I noticed all the times I made contact with the world when I went out in it – like that door and my hip.

I’ve started to realize that things are a little different for folks in other parts of the country and world, and so, in the interest of preventing other places becoming an epicenter like this, it seemed like maybe a little recounting of what has become normal for us might be useful.

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This is Episode 208

Song: Apartment Four by They Might Be Giants

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A View from a Small Apartment in NYC

A View from a Small Apartment in NYC

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