ADVENT: Week 3

ADVENT: Week 3

Update: 2023-12-19


Welcome to the ADVENT series. Based on the book "An Advent Devotional: Unwrapping the Names of Jesus" by Asheritah CiuCiu. This mini-series was inspired by my friend and brother Kevin Blas, and is introduced by 2 of my kids: Eloise and Henry, and then is read and framed by his boys, Liam and Luke. It is broken into 5 parts: The Intro, and Week 1 - 4. Each Week is introduced with the "Candle" of Advent, and then Kevin and I read a portion of the chapter and pray each day, for 5 days. Then Week 2, readings for 5 days, Week 3, readings for 5 days, and on. The recording, editing, soundtracks, artwork and publication are all done by myself, and copyright credit given. If you are listening this Christmas season and do NOT have a reason to be hopeful, do NOT have a reason for peace, or cannot find rest in your life - we'd love nothing more than to share with you the GOOD NEWS of the only relationship that matters: A God who made you, loved you, and sent His Son Jesus Christ to live and die for you; who was raised again and lives still and desires to welcome you into the family also - and more! So much more. We celebrate this season because this is when our God came to earth in the form of Man to begin the process of redemption - and it is a time to celebrate! Thank you for listening to this mini-series, and Merry Christmas!

***If this is your first listen - welcome! "ANAVIVO" means "Upward Living" and is as much a vision statement as it is a way of life here - whether you found me by my work (I am a licensed Real Estate Broker with ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠COMPASS Real Estate⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ - consulting nation-wide to my clients for free to meet their real estate needs and help them find and vet the right agent), or by my WORK (I am a follower of Christ, and have wholly given my life and love to Him as I continue growing and learning more about Him daily and in my service to others) - welcome. I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to our sometimes too personal ramblings, and for following along as I use this medium to share life with you and others for the glory of God around the world. I hope it shows you a more personal and authentic view of myself, and also finds a way to encourage or embolden your heart.

Questions, feedback, or more? Visit me direct by simply googling "anavivo" or shoot me an email at

Onward! <><


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ADVENT: Week 3

ADVENT: Week 3

Tim C. Miller