DiscoverFascinating WomenAdele Engel - Healer - Spiritual Psychology- Soul Centered - Musical
Adele Engel - Healer - Spiritual Psychology- Soul Centered - Musical

Adele Engel - Healer - Spiritual Psychology- Soul Centered - Musical

Update: 2021-10-27


Adele Engel had an interesting chat. She is 66 yet keeps getting reborn. Decades ago she choose a path of healing when confronted with a life changing devastating illness.  In our conversation she explains how she had an audience with the Dali lama, only to find he was not the most interesting, life changing person in the room.

We chat about how she found healing, how music with art has become therapy. She grins to say it is a bit woo woo, doesn't care and it all works. Our conversation travels over her curiosity, how she embraces a new thing, remains open and active with new possibilities.

She talks about how breathing can induce psychedelic states and of course about her nutritional blend that I use.  I think you will enjoy our new age conversation. Have a listen.

About Adele Engel
Adele Engel is a Master Teacher/Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology, is a Soul Centered Certified Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Biofeedback Therapist, Aura Soma Level 3 Colour Specialist , and Certified Breathwork Teacher plus a student of many Shamanic Schools.  She is also a certified Health Coach and Nutrition Coach, a superfood formulator and biohacking researcher and is a medical EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka tapping) facilitator.  Adele holds University degrees in History, Arts Education, English Literature and Language Arts Education.

 She supports her clients, friends and family in emotional healing, spiritual evolution, practical action, physical movement and energetic awakening. 

Adele sees the breath as our life force and a portal to  the healing and transformation we are looking for. We all struggle with traumas and challenges of the past and present, and we all search for ways to move through the stress or pain they cause. Tapping into our breath, along with movement, music, rhythm and visuals and using breathwork as a tool to unlock stuck emotions and let go of past traumas and limiting beliefs is one of the most powerful healing modalities available.  Adele combines this with “right” thinking, movement, hydration, nutrition and service.

 Adele also reaches deeply into  mystical and psychological studies mixed with Art and Music Therapies as a way to access  insight and feedback into who we are, how we operate, and what we came to this life to do. A little woo woo, a lot of fun, highly educational, deep work mixed with a lot of ancient and current wisdom = any given day in Adele’s world.  

 She just completed editing a book on breathwork to be released in 2022.  

In her mountain home set in the boreal forest, Adele is surrounded with musical instruments, colour therapy tools, crystal beds, Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field equipment, Vibration Sound Healing Bed, Mind Art Colour Experiences, Essential Oil Blending Lab, a Superfood Pharmacy, Laser Healing Equipment: in essence all things healing through light, colour, vibration, sound and movement.

 Currently, she is working with an enlightening team, on a new superfood blend to be released shortly in 2500 health food stores as an initial “drop” into the market: a market that is flooded with superfood powder blends.  So stay tuned, because this one is finely tuned into an elevated nutritional and shen (spirit) enhancer.  There is no point in re-creating the wheel.  In short: expect a heightened quality with all things eco-friendly.

 Oh:  Adele considers herself retired!  That is laughable.

About Mark Laurie - Host.

Mark has been transforming how women see themselves, enlarging their sense of sexy, expanding their confidence in an exciting adventure that is transformational photography. His photo studio is inner Spirit Photography.

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Adele Engel - Healer - Spiritual Psychology- Soul Centered - Musical

Adele Engel - Healer - Spiritual Psychology- Soul Centered - Musical

Adele Engel