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Amanda Ono VP Customer Experience, People and Culture

Amanda Ono VP Customer Experience, People and Culture

Update: 2022-10-02


On this episode of The Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Amanda Ono - VP Customer Experience, People & Culture | Engaging customers, leaders and employees to maximize their potential. We talk about the following and other items Resolver Importance of Customer Experience Traveling Future HR Challenges Amanda’s Bio Amanda Ono has spent her career learning to maximize a company's most valuable investment — its people. Boasting over 20 years of international experience in organizational development, HR consulting, and change management, she’s implemented successful talent and leadership initiatives in six countries across four continents. You can currently find her at Resolver, a Kroll business and worldwide leader in defining risk intelligence, making her mark as both VP Customer Experience and VP People & Culture. For most of her professional life, Amanda has been on a mission to understand what makes highly effective organizations tick. As an undergraduate in psychology, she saw pioneering research on the effects of unconscious bias and racism in resumé screening up close. After graduating, she honed her craft by tackling training and organizational development at talent management firms across Canada. Soon her skills were in such demand that invitations to implement leadership programs across the globe started to roll in — first in South Africa, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Since joining the Resolver team in 2016, she’s only expanded on her record of success. Implementing processes and strategies that have enabled Resolver to scale by over 120%, expand into four countries, and acquire three companies — Ono’s efforts have led to being recognized as one of Canada’s Great Places to Work six years in a row. Despite her accolades, Amanda is determined to continue engaging, accelerating, and inspiring her colleagues at Resolver to deliver on the company’s motto: Aim Big, Be Great, and Be Loved by Customers. Amanda’s Social Media Amanda’s LinkedIn: Resolver website: Amanda’s Advice I would say that no matter if you're in HR or where your next journey goes, we kind of start at the top of the conversation talking about traveling. Talking about how we build culture and HR and grow as leaders. I think it's always looking to develop and to grow as empathetic humans, I think empathy for the employee base for your customer base for humans in general. Whether traveling to Thailand or in Toronto, I think it makes such an impact on how you can connect with people, and how you can really foster long term relationships. So just to kind of encourage people to continue to look inside, empathy is sometimes hard. Because it challenges how we see the world and sometimes feels uncomfortable. But it's such a key part of growth for both, businesses, as well as individuals. That would be my key advice other than just eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Our Affiliates - If you hate your sales CRM or know that you inevitably need to make a change because what you have is not working, certainly check out Close. It's quick and easy to set up and sales rep adoption is extremely high! Give their trial a shot. PeopleKeep - If your company has 49 or fewer employees a PeopleKeep personalized benefits advisor can evaluate whether a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is right for your business. Reach out today to get your questions answered. Everee Payroll - Run payroll or contractor payments from anywhere in seconds with just one swipe on a mobile app. Focus on growing your business instead of on compliance. We remit, file and report on federal, state, local and unemployment insurance taxes, as well as handle your W2s and 1099s. CavnessHR - CavnessHR delivers HR companies with 49 or fewer people with our HR platform and by providing you access to your own HRBP.
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Amanda Ono VP Customer Experience, People and Culture

Amanda Ono VP Customer Experience, People and Culture