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Annette Knows About Pure Land Part 1

Annette Knows About Pure Land Part 1

Update: 2018-06-23


Annette McGivney is on the People Who Know Stuff show for a really special two part episode. I spent a weekend exploring the layers of her intense and beautiful book Pure Land. What starts out as a straightforward murder mystery eventually transforms because as Annette says, “Ultimately I feel like the best stories are ones that turn back on themselves and back on the reader, and cause the reader to reflect on their own lives.”

Annette and I talked about her background as an award winning writer and a teacher, and explored how writing an article about the murder of a tourist for Backpacker magazine in 2008 ultimately led her to a deep and profound story full of layers, twists and turns. Then, the conversation detours into Annette’s personal experience with violence and PTSD. She shares her journey to become a healthy, whole woman (I share about my experience with PTSD too). She shared her knowledge about healing and how ultimately this has had led her to a life of gratitude and creativity. I was so appreciative of Annette’s beautiful writing and her book that was both thrilling and heartfelt. And it turns out that she’s just lovely and smart in IRL as well.

Annette’s Foundation:

In Annette’s words, “Proceeds from Pure Land go to this cause which is a partnership between me, the outfitter Grand Canyon Youth and Northern Arizona University's Family Violence Institute. The Healing Lands Project funds wilderness river trips for child victims of domestic violence. We are doing our first trip for 9 kids next week!” Please visit to support children who have lost a parent to family violence to connect with nature, healing and hope for their future.

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Annette Knows About Pure Land Part 1

Annette Knows About Pure Land Part 1