DiscoverOutward: Slate's LGBTQ podcastAre Advice Columns Intrinsically Queer?
Are Advice Columns Intrinsically Queer?

Are Advice Columns Intrinsically Queer?

Update: 2023-04-19


Spring is in the air, and the Outward hosts are gay like tulips and queer like allergies! First, they discuss a new animated version of the beloved Frog and Toad series of children’s books, which premieres on Apple TV+ on April 28. Then they welcome Daniel M. Lavery to the pod. Danny was Slate’s own Dear Prudence for many years, and now a Dear Prudence book is here to grace our bookshelves. Danny shares his philosophy of advice-giving, talks about what it was like to transition in the public eye, and offers his take on a reader question current Prudie Jenée Desmond-Harris answered a few weeks ago.

Items discussed in the show:

Jules and the Framing Agnes team at the GLAAD Awards

Outward’s December 2022 discussion of Framing Agnes with actress Jen Richards

LMN’s schedule

Somerville, Massachusetts, extends protections to polyamorous families

Frog and Toad: An Amphibious Celebration of Same-Sex Love,” by Colin Stokes in the New Yorker

How Frog and Toad Author Arnold Lobel Explored Gay Intimacy in His Work,” by J. Bryan Lowder in Slate

This Is a Terrible Way to Commemorate a Major Civil Rights Victory,” by June Thomas in Slate

Dear Prudence: Liberating Lessons From’s Beloved Advice Column, by Daniel M. Lavery

Jenée Desmond-Harris answered the question we put to Danny at the end of this Dear Prudence column

The Big Mood, Little Mood With Daniel M. Lavery podcast

The Dear Prudence podcast

Gay Agenda

Christina: Mae Martin’s new Netflix special, SAP

Jules:Conservatives Are Turing to a 150-Year-Old Obscenity Law to Outlaw Abortion,” by Melissa Gira Grant in the New Republic

Bryan: Erick Adame’s Daily Weather Report (more background from the New York Times)

This podcast was produced by June Thomas.

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Are Advice Columns Intrinsically Queer?

Are Advice Columns Intrinsically Queer?

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