DiscoverSpiritually SovereignArt, Boundaries, & Anger with Sharyn Holmes
Art, Boundaries, & Anger with Sharyn Holmes

Art, Boundaries, & Anger with Sharyn Holmes

Update: 2021-04-20


In this episode, my guest is the most awesome Sharyn Holmes, writer and anti-oppression coach. 

We dive deep into the role that art and creative expression has played for Sharyn in their life and work as well as some important discussion on boundaries and anger when it comes to cultivating your own self-sovereignty. This and so much more!

Sharyn brings such depth, potency and richness to all that they share and this conversation is no different. I am honoured and grateful to be able to share this podcast with you. 


Sharyn Holmes (she/they) is the CEO of Formidable Voices, an events and social movement created in 2019 to elevate and create speaking opportunities for Black Indigenous and People of Colour across coaching, spirituality, wellness, social justice, creative and entrepreneurship.

Sharyn is also an award-winning leadership and inclusion coach, consultant, speaker, artist and writer. Their work dives deep into social justice, spirituality and personal sovereignty. Sharyn is passionate about anti-oppression, anti-racism, creating inclusive spaces, conscious business strategy, creativity and self-expression and works as a consultant to small businesses in these areas. 

She created and teaches the online anti-racist and anti-oppression course, Unpack Your Privilege, the program Be An Inclusive Coach and has just launched the Inclusive Leaders Collective. She leads transformative coaching circles guiding others to bring sacred activism, inclusion and conscious leadership to the heart of their lives and businesses. 

She is an Event/Program of the Year finalist and the Emerging Coach of the Year winner for 2020-2021. She is also on the Advisory Board of Feminist Coach Academy.

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Art, Boundaries, & Anger with Sharyn Holmes

Art, Boundaries, & Anger with Sharyn Holmes

Lisa Kotz