DiscoverThe AllergistAsthma in the Biologic Era: A New Prescription
Asthma in the Biologic Era: A New Prescription

Asthma in the Biologic Era: A New Prescription

Update: 2024-04-16


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“I guarantee you, within the next five years or within my lifetime, there may be a permanent solution to a lot of medical conditions including (asthma)."  -- Dr. Jason Lee

Asthma remains a formidable foe, particularly when it escalates to its severe form. This episode of "The Allergist," Dr. Mariam Hanna, explores the complexities of severe asthma and the revolutionary impact of biologic therapies.

Dr. Jason Lee, a leading expert in allergy and immunology, sheds light on the evolution of asthma treatment. Gone are the days when inhalers and corticosteroids were our only options. Today, biologics offer a promising frontier, not just to manage but potentially to rewrite the course of the disease. Dr. Lee demystifies these powerful medications, tackling common concerns and highlighting the essential role of patient education in fostering adherence.

Dr. Lee offers several actionable tips for physicians on managing severe asthma with biologics. He advises on the importance of patient education about the mechanisms and benefits of biologics to enhance adherence and reduce anxiety about these new treatments. He emphasizes the need for regular monitoring of lung function and inflammation markers to tailor therapy effectively. And Dr. Lee highlights the use of stepped-care approaches and discusses strategic timing for introducing or discontinuing biologic therapy based on patient response and overall asthma control. 

For allergists and healthcare professionals keen on cutting-edge treatments for severe asthma, this discussion is a treasure trove of practical insights and innovative strategies.

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Asthma in the Biologic Era: A New Prescription

Asthma in the Biologic Era: A New Prescription