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Ben Shapiro Gets Ruthless

Ben Shapiro Gets Ruthless

Update: 2024-06-06


Today, Ben Shapiro joins the progrum. Ben shares his thoughts on staying out of D.C. and his lack of enthusiasm for the town, comparing it to Joe Biden's electoral base. It's a low bar, and Ben doesn't hold back.
The fellas dive into the Wall Street Journal's headline about Biden, discussing how it feels like breaking news despite being common knowledge—the media's portrayal of Biden and the absurdity of studies that state the obvious come under fire. Ben and the crew joke about the president's condition, drawing a sharp contrast between public perception and media reports.
The conversation takes a serious turn as the hosts discuss the cognitive decline of Biden and the media's efforts to shield him. Ben highlights how the media has run interference for Biden, citing examples from various news outlets. The team dissects Biden's recent interviews and public appearances, showcasing moments of confusion and missteps that raise questions about his fitness for office.
Ben shares his views on the critiques of Biden from both sides of the aisle, emphasizing the bipartisan agreement on his shortcomings. The discussion shifts to Hunter Biden's controversial texts and the portrayal of Jill Biden.
The fellas delve into the Wall Street Journal's revelations about the White House's monitoring of interviews and the influence on Democrat members of Congress. The team discusses the parallels between Biden's staff and attending nurses at a care facility, painting a vivid picture of the administration's handling of the president.
The foreign policy blunders under Biden come under scrutiny, with the fellas expressing astonishment at the drastic shifts and ongoing crises. He contrasts Biden's approach with Trump's, praising the unpredictability and fear Trump instilled in global politics. The conversation touches on the implications of Biden's policies on international relations, especially concerning China and Taiwan.
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Ben Shapiro Gets Ruthless

Ben Shapiro Gets Ruthless

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