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Breaking Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer

Breaking Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer

Update: 2021-10-26


Time for another episode of Stories Of Strength, a podcast where we share personal and inspirational tales that redefine strength, presented by MuscleTech, and this week Jay Cardiello is joined by none other than Adventurer, Author, Athlete and Activist Erik Weihenmayer! Erik is the first person without eyesight to reach the summit of Mount Everest as well as complete the Seven Summits from around the world, being featured on the cover of Time magazine for the achievement. At the time he was one of only one hundred and fifty mountaineers to have completed this, and the only one to do it without vision. In 2005 Erik co-founded the non-profit organization No Barriers, an organization that helps people of diverse backgrounds and abilities develop a ‘No Barrier’ mindset - to attack challenges head-on, problem solve, build winning teams, and serve others. Their tagline reads, "What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way." He is here today to talk about his journey as a mountaineer, his time up on the mountains, and some of the work he is doing to help people innovate their way through barriers. As a motivational speaker, Erik works hard to spread his No Barrier message and encourage others to live life to the fullest. Hear first hand his story and what inspired his love of adventure and the outdoors. Not to mention learn a bit about how he would prepare before setting out on a big climb or adventure! From climbing high into the Himalayas to kayaking the entire two hundred and seventy-seven miles of the Grand Canyon, Erik is living his No Barrier lifestyle to the fullest and is inspiring others to do the same! This is an episode you can’t miss so hit play and get ready for some excitement with this episode of Stories Of Strength, brought to you by MuscleTech! 

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Breaking Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer

Breaking Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer

Jay Cardiello, Erik Weihenmayer