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COVID-19 Health Care Relief Bills

COVID-19 Health Care Relief Bills

Update: 2020-06-07


Healthcare WTF? co-hosts Dr. Kristine Hembre and Radhika Nath examine and critique three very different COVID-19 related healthcare relief bills working their way through Congress. In this episode they will delve into the facts about The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (S.B. 3790 Sanders/Jayapal), Medicare Crisis Program Act (H.R. 6674 Jayapal/Kennedy), and The Worker Health Coverage Protection Act (H.R. 6514 Scott/Dingle).

Dr. Kristine Hembre (co-chair of El Paso County for Universal Health Care and Life Coach at Med Pro became interested in Universal Health Care in 2015 after retiring from private practice medical care in Colorado Springs. Kristine’s involvement in the medical care infra-structure and payment system, allows her to speak with honesty and insight. Her stories and grasp of the present health care environment help inform others to make better choices.

Radhika Nath (policy expert and a disability rights advocate) has a doctorate in public administration and policy. She has worked in the healthcare sector at the state level and in national and international settings. Her political engagement includes a run for office, serving as the Bernie2020 campaign’s state co-chair, and becoming a member-elect of the Democratic National Committee. She believes in healthcare as a human right and is actively engaged in making that a reality.


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COVID-19 Health Care Relief Bills

COVID-19 Health Care Relief Bills

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