DiscoverCoffee With JulianCWJ Podcast EP.10 Boom Day
CWJ Podcast EP.10 Boom Day

CWJ Podcast EP.10 Boom Day

Update: 2020-12-03


This is a special episode and has taken me a long time to get it done. Mostly because I had to dig through the archives and remember then try to explain how it felt to be in the gutter. More importantly I had to say thank you to the grace, support and love I had received from incredible people who have helped put Humpty Dumpty back together again. From the medial staff to my family thank you. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I had creating it. ✌️

🎶 Music is produced by Zoo Will @prodzoowill, 

💣Boom Day is what I refer to the actual day I lost my legs by stepping on the IED (July 15.2010)💥

🗽Nonprofits mention 🇺🇸


•Humility isn’t a bad thing.

•Relationships are 100/100.

•Your vibe attracts your tribe.

•Forgiveness is for you.

•Life is good.

•Don’t let yourself down.


•Ask yourself what’s next.

•Everyone pain is felt maximum to them .

•You can do impressive things without being self impressed.

•You control your circumstances your circumstances don’t control you.


•🍪Treat yourself and get a coffee mug link below 👇  

🙏Thank you all for your time, watching, listening and your support. See you all next time.

🎙Coffee with Julian is a podcast that brings an unsanitized, unedited message directly from *successful veterans and veteran non-profit organizations.  Our goal is to improve the conversation between civilians and veterans, and create a medium to enhance a veteran’s ability to succeed in the world☕️!

💡*Successful Veteran- A Veteran who is actively pursuing a worthwhile goal with vigor and intensity.

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CWJ Podcast EP.10 Boom Day

CWJ Podcast EP.10 Boom Day

Julian Torres