DiscoverPOWER to Live More with Jo DoddsCedric Bertelli: Resolving Disruptive Emotional Patterns
Cedric Bertelli: Resolving Disruptive Emotional Patterns

Cedric Bertelli: Resolving Disruptive Emotional Patterns

Update: 2022-10-07


Cedric Bertelli

Cedric Bertelli is the Director and Founder of the Emotional Health Institute (EHI), an organisation that teaches people how to resolve disruptive emotions.

Following a career in the hospitality industry, Cedric took his passion for helping others and the understanding he gained from dealing with his trauma and created the EHI.

The EHI works with mental health professionals, educators, and coaches and has worked with over 200 teachers in the San Francisco Bay area to train them in using Emotional Resolution with children. Cedric also works with individuals to help them deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.

Today, Cedric joins me to share his journey from working in hospitality to developing his understanding of Emotional Resolution and founding the Emotional Health Institute.

He reveals how dealing with his own emotions has influenced his life and why we experience emotional difficulties.

Cedric explores how the subconscious mind deals with trauma and the physical effects of emotions on the body.

He shares how he works with people to resolve disruptive emotional patterns and what a typical workday involves.

He also shares how he handles his emotional reaction when helping clients deal with trauma and the rituals and routines that help him maintain balance in his life. 

“Most of our disruptive emotional patterns are obsolete predictions from the brain.”

Cedric Bertelli

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Cedric’s journey from the hospitality industry to founding the Emotional Health Institute
  • How dealing with his own complicated emotions influenced Cedric’s life
  • Why emotional difficulties come up and where they come from
  • How the subconscious mind processes trauma
  • The physical sensations in the body associated with emotion and trauma
  • How Cedric works with people to help them resolve disruptive emotional patterns
  • A typical workday for Cedric
  • How Cedric deals with his emotional reaction when helping others through trauma
  • How Cedric maintains the balance between his family life and running his organisation
  • The habits and rituals Cedric uses to manage his time
  • How Cedric handles tough days when things go wrong
  • What Cedric does on his more fulfilling days

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Cedric Bertelli: Resolving Disruptive Emotional Patterns

Cedric Bertelli: Resolving Disruptive Emotional Patterns

Jo Dodds