DiscoverEarn Your LeisureCliff Notes: Exploring Amazon's $9 a Month Healthcare
Cliff Notes: Exploring Amazon's $9 a Month Healthcare

Cliff Notes: Exploring Amazon's $9 a Month Healthcare

Update: 2023-12-03


In this episode, Rashad Bilal, Ian Dunlap, and Troy Millings discuss Amazon's $9 a month healthcare offering for Amazon Prime members. The hosts delve into the details and implications of this move by Amazon, highlighting the potential impact it could have on the healthcare and tech industries.

Amazon's foray into the healthcare space is not entirely surprising, as the company has already made moves in this area with acquisitions such as One Medical and PillPack. By offering a $9 a month healthcare plan, Amazon aims to provide unlimited access to on-demand virtual care, including video chats with licensed providers. This move not only aligns with the current trend of virtual health services necessitated by the pandemic but also capitalizes on Amazon's existing infrastructure and delivery capabilities.

Ian Dunlap raises an interesting point by comparing Amazon's $9 healthcare offering to a hypothetical scenario where a presidential candidate promises $9 healthcare for all Americans. He suggests that such a proposition would likely lead to a landslide victory, indicating the potential significance of Amazon's move. With its large customer base and positive reputation among Amazon Prime members, the company could become a dominant player in the healthcare space.

Troy Millings points out that Amazon is not simply entering the healthcare market to compete, but rather to dominate. By integrating their tech infrastructure, fast delivery, and virtual care services, Amazon can offer a comprehensive healthcare solution that rivals traditional providers. Millings emphasizes the potential of Amazon's approach, stating that they have a track record of entering industries to dominate them, as seen with their acquisition of Whole Foods.

The hosts also discuss the potential profit margins of this venture for Amazon. While Dunlap mentions the importance of squeezing as much profit as possible out of the $9 monthly fee, Millings suggests that Amazon may not prioritize profitability in the initial phases. He argues that even if Amazon operates at a loss initially, they have the financial capacity to sustain it while gaining a stronghold in the market and potentially bankrupting competitors.

To illustrate Amazon's aggressive business tactics, the hosts recount the story of Amazon attempted to acquire the company, but when their offer was declined, they resorted to undercutting by selling diapers at a loss. Eventually, Amazon purchased for a reduced price and dissolved the business entirely, showcasing the ruthless nature of business competition.

Overall, the hosts predict that Amazon's $9 healthcare offering has the potential to disrupt the industry and further solidify the company's position as a dominant force in both healthcare and tech. With their vast customer base, existing infrastructure, and financial resource

s, Amazon has the capacity to reshape the healthcare landscape and potentially diversify into other industries in the future.

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Cliff Notes: Exploring Amazon's $9 a Month Healthcare

Cliff Notes: Exploring Amazon's $9 a Month Healthcare

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