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Creating Live Sound with Doug McClement

Creating Live Sound with Doug McClement

Update: 2021-11-24


Over the course of his 45 year career, Doug McClement has established himself and his company, LiveWire, as the go to for capturing live audio on location for broadcast or recordings. He’s had a number of dream gigs over the years but in 2010 when the Winter Olympics were awarded to Vancouver, he thought that his ultimate dream of working the games was about to come true.  

In Canada, when you want to capture live sound you don’t say “call LiveWire” you say “call Doug McClement”.  Doug is one of the good guys in the industry and he did eventually get to work the Olympics a few years later but the story of how he got there is truly fascinating so I started our interview at the very beginning. 

Before we started recording our conversation, Doug caught me up on some of what his upcoming schedule looked like.  Like everyone else in the industry, the 20 months of COVID lockdown pretty much shut down his business but now that events are starting up again, he barely has time to breathe. In addition to his broadcast work, Doug is running the sound studio at the newly reopened El Mocambo club in Toronto where he is capturing live recordings multiple nights a week providing content to artists of every genre and level of success. Remember, The next time you’re watching an award show coming from Canada, you're probably listening to the work of Doug McClement.

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Creating Live Sound with Doug McClement

Creating Live Sound with Doug McClement

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