Cryptocurrency predictions and patience

Cryptocurrency predictions and patience

Update: 2018-03-05


Learn from Crypto history and use it as context for the present

Crypto Predictions

There are people all over claiming to be crypto fortune tellers.  They predict prices as if they can see the future.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a huge fan of crypto, however I will not predict.

Nov 23, 2011 “The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin” – Wired | $2.37

Nov 27, 2013 “A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail” – The New York Times | $955.67

Dec 16, 2014 “Bitcoin’s financial network is doomed” – The Washington Post | $325.10

Jan 19, 2016  “R.I.P. Bitcoin. It’s time to move on.” – Washington Post | $382.00

Dec 08, 2016 “Bitcoin is a bubble. It will burst on Monday 12 December 2016” – Linkdin | $771.23

Aug 15, 2017 “A Bitcoin Is Worth $4,000–Why You Probably Should Not Own One” – Forbes | $4,179.97

Sep 12, 2017 “JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says bitcoin is a ‘fraud’ that will eventually blow up” – CNBC | $4,367.12

Litecoin will hit $1,000 or $1,500 this year

Bitcoin will hit $40,000 this year


Since early January the cryptocurrency market tanked and has been taking the slow road to recovery.  It’s been a long two months, so thought it would be good to find some older posts to help you zoom out and look at the bigger picture.  Crypto is alive and well, just think what people will say about this time in the not too distant future.

Crypto Patience

July 20, 2015

It was my bad luck that I came to know about the bitcoins when prices are $1000 / bitcoin.

March 3, 2016

Prices gradually fall to $ 420. is enough to make me panic. but we must remain patient. keep calm and do not sell your bitcoin now

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3 months ago

  • Litecoin droping fast! sold at 63 a couple of days ago should i buy now or wait to drop lower?


2 Months

  • Should I buy? Planning to buy ~10 LTC or so. Hoping to get around $360 ea if I can get my account set up, am I too late to the party?



What should you do?

Decide your long term plan with crypto.  Do you believe in it?  Come up with a plan and stick to it.  No emotional buying or selling.










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Cryptocurrency predictions and patience

Cryptocurrency predictions and patience

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