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Deluxe Halloween Special

Deluxe Halloween Special

Update: 2019-10-291


In this suped-up, super-deluxe, hour-plus Halloween special, Jennifer and Maxwell select their very favorite ghost stories to share with you by candlelight. Tour a haunted mansion with a gruesome past that refuses to die. Meet the restless inhabitants of a mausoleum in the darkness of winter. And join a graveyard ghost hunt that turns quickly from levity to pure horror!

Deluxe Halloween Special


This evening's episode of Odd Tonic is sponsored by Ravensburger Games. Looking for some spooky board game fun for the family this Halloween? Check out Horrified: Universal Monsters.
Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, and other iconic horror film monsters descend upon your village to wreak havoc, hunt heroes, and terrorize villagers in this cooperative board game. Work together to defeat the monsters before the town is destroyed for good! Horrified: Universal Monsters, by Ravensburger Games. The stakes have been raised.

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Jennifer Page & Maxwell Holechek
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Deluxe Halloween Special

Deluxe Halloween Special

Jennifer Page and Maxwell Holechek