DiscoverThe Go2Girls Advice & Mixology ShowDoes the 4TH DATE CURSE really exist?
Does the 4TH DATE CURSE really exist?

Does the 4TH DATE CURSE really exist?

Update: 2022-03-15


Likes....Dislikes....Pet Peeves!  They all come oozing out on the BIG DEAL date number 4".   Tonight's episode explores the turn of events from date 3 to 4 and the changing of the guard moments such as getting closer to EXCLUSIVE that can bring out the good the bad and the ugly in all of us!

First Up "Dan +1" brings the girls his "plus 1" list.  The choices vary from Dani the girl who keeps him moving in EVERY way but ONE, Lara the hottie who knows the best way to a man's heart and Summer who if the name fits .... a radio hostess with the mostess!  Pulses are pumping and anticipation running high as the girl's table-talk which one should truly be "Dan's plus 1". 

Second "Don't Want Weight Watchers" is tired of the interrogations.  He finds the deep levels of 4th dates more awkward than first dates.  Credit Score?  Security Clearances?  Job Security?....The girls advise DWWW on ways he can avoid the annoying 4th date probing.

In the Finale "Stuck Single" swears on she's single because by the end of date 3 she gets the hex of the"4th Date Curse".  The girls investigate the claim and debate whether or not there really is a dreaded  4th Date Curse or if "Stuck Single" is simply self-sabotaging to ensure she wears the title of DUMPERand not the title of DUMPED.  

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Does the 4TH DATE CURSE really exist?

Does the 4TH DATE CURSE really exist?