DiscoverWriters With WrinklesENCORE: Insider Insights with Editor Sara Schonfeld
ENCORE: Insider Insights with Editor Sara Schonfeld

ENCORE: Insider Insights with Editor Sara Schonfeld

Update: 2024-06-10


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(PLEASE NOTE: All comments and opinions in this podcast are strictly Sara's own.)

In the latest episode of Writers with Wrinkles, we're thrilled to host Sara Schonfeld, an  editor at HarperCollins, specializing in middle grade and YA literature.

Our discussion spans the joys and challenges of editing, insights into the acquisitions process, and invaluable advice for writers on submissions, social media presence, and the evolving landscape of genre blending in literature. Sara's passion for nurturing authors and her editorial expertise shine through, offering a treasure trove of wisdom for both aspiring and seasoned writers.

In This Episode:
1. Sara's Entry into Publishing: Discover Sara's intriguing start in the publishing industry through a serendipitous project with Dr. Seuss's The Grinch Mad Libs.
2. Editorial Philosophy: Gain insight into Sara's approach to editing, emphasizing the importance of enhancing the author's vision while keeping the reader in mind.
3. Juggling Editorial Projects: Understand the complexity and organization behind managing multiple books at various stages of publication.
4. The Submission Standouts: Learn what makes a manuscript shine in the crowded publishing landscape, including the significance of genre knowledge and the infusion of personal voice.
5. Behind the Acquisitions Veil: Get a rare peek into the acquisitions process, demystifying what happens behind the scenes and how decisions are made.
6. Editing Process Explained: Delve into the detailed and iterative process of editing, from big-picture feedback to line edits, and the collaborative nature of bringing a book to fruition.
7. Social Media for Writers: Hear Sara's thoughts on the role of social media in a writer's career and the importance of authenticity.
8. Genre Blending and Wishlist: Discover Sara's enthusiasm for genre-blended manuscripts, especially those that merge speculative elements with rom-com vibes.

- Advice for Aspiring Authors: Practical tips on standing out in submissions, including the critical role of competitive titles and authentic storytelling.
- Acquisitions Deep Dive: An insider's view on how books are selected for publication and the collective excitement that drives editorial meetings.
- The Future of Genres: Sara's anticipation for innovative genre blends and her call for submissions that push creative boundaries.


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ENCORE: Insider Insights with Editor Sara Schonfeld

ENCORE: Insider Insights with Editor Sara Schonfeld

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