DiscoverIn Totality with Megan AshleyEP 14: Mind, Body, and Spirit (Ft. Nona Jones)
EP 14: Mind, Body, and Spirit (Ft. Nona Jones)

EP 14: Mind, Body, and Spirit (Ft. Nona Jones)

Update: 2024-02-06


Join me, Megan Ashley, as I sit down with the remarkable Nona Jones. Together, we explore the rejuvenating feeling of 2024, sharing our sense of hope and the refreshing idea of surrendering to a higher power's plan. Our candid discussion reveals how both of us are entering this new chapter with optimism, despite past hardships. As we warm up with some light-hearted icebreakers, Nona's passion for reading and love for a diverse array of cuisines shine through, alongside our mutual adoration for Thai food and running as a preferred way to stay fit.

Listen in as we unpack the complex and emotional landscape of weight loss and fitness journeys. From my own battle with motivation and the impact of mental health on my body, to Nona's inspiring story of overcoming childhood trauma and a lifelong struggle with weight, we share the raw and often overlooked aspects of these personal battles. The conversation then shifts to practical strategies for mothers tackling post-pregnancy weight loss, emphasizing self-accountability and the power of making changes in the moment. We also discuss the significance of an eternal perspective on our actions, and how our spiritual well-being is intrinsically linked to our physical health, with the body serving as a temple that deserves honor and care.

Other topics you will hear:

-Higher Power


-Weight Loss

-Mental Health 


-Physical Health

-Spiritual Well-Being





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EP 14: Mind, Body, and Spirit (Ft. Nona Jones)

EP 14: Mind, Body, and Spirit (Ft. Nona Jones)