DiscoverBeautifully Vulnerable PodcastEP#1 Beautifully Vulnerable: Creating authentic fulfilling relationships with Brenda Knowles
EP#1 Beautifully Vulnerable: Creating authentic fulfilling relationships with Brenda Knowles

EP#1 Beautifully Vulnerable: Creating authentic fulfilling relationships with Brenda Knowles

Update: 2016-10-191


This episode follows my monthly theme of ‘Creating an authentic and fulfilling loving relationship’. My guest is the super Brenda Knowles from Spaces2Live. She is a relationship coach for highly sensitive people and introverts. It is a beautiful combination of spiritual and practical insights from the one expert on HSP relationship.

What we are exploring in this conversation:

❄ How to make an Extrovert/Introvert relationship flourish, starting from expressing your needs authentically

❄ What are the non-negotiable boundaries for a HSP to honor

❄ How emotional wounds from the past are impacting your life now and the Number ONE ingredient to start your healing journey

❄ The main challenges a HSP faces in a relationship, starting from ‘excessive stimulation’ to ‘overflowing emotions’

❄ The beauty of emotional intimacy and safety

❄ Practical tips on how to get through relationship struggles, such as starting from being honest with yourself

❄ Three + 1 super heartwarming tips to create the relationship you crave

Bruce Muzik ~ Relationship Coach
Dr. Stan Tatkin ~ Couple Therapist and Author of Wired for dating

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EP#6 Beautifully Vulnerable: Chakras, emotions and healing with Suzanne Heyn
Suzanne is a spiritual mentor, cancer survivor and a creator of beautiful things for soul seekers. Her journey has inspired thousands of people and she caught my attention through her heart-opening honesty.In this episode we talk about + Why she won’t define herself by what she does and why identity is so limiting+ The root of suffering and what healing looks/ feels like+ Why you are not responsible to heal others+ Precious insights gained from surviving cancer+ The link between chakras and emotions+ How to stand up for your boundaries+ Chitchats about soul/ ego and emotions+ Grounding and uplifting practicesResources mentioned:Chakra Books— Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith— Eight Human Talents by GurmkhConnect with Suzanne:Suzanne Heyn is a transformational spiritual teacher, mentor and online course creator who helps people love who they are. Her work is rooted in the power of emotions. She teaches people how to create unconditional self-love, access deep healing and uncover their deepest desires through honoring how they feel.Suzanne is a survivor. Before the age of 30, she lost her father and sister and survived cancer. It was in the depths of tragedy and emotional overwhelm that she connected to the deepest part of herself, the part that knows no doubt. Today, she inspires tens of thousands of people daily on social media and through her weekly blog posts devoted to helping people love their darkness so they can live their greatness. Find her on and Download a free, powerful meditation for deep emotional healing — the same technique that changed Suzanne's life — at with
EP#5 Beautifully Vulnerable: Making peace with food and emotions with Bailey Opsal
Another episode of Beautifully Vulnerable,this time with my dear friend and buddy coach Bailey Opsal, who knows all the bits and pieces about making peace with food and finally regaining confidence when it comes to looking at yourself in the mirror.What we covered in the episode:+ How to detect and embrace your emotions+ How to better understand your triggers+ How to move trough difficult emotions as a highly sensitive person+ How to cultivate the mind-body connection+ What is numbing and why it makes us disconnect with your precious body+ What defense mechanisms to let go of+ Practical advice to help you connect to yourself deeperConnect with Bailey:Bailey is a life coach supporting women to come home to themselves, make peace with food, and finally reclaim freedom in their lives & their bodies. Through her 1-on-1 work with clients, in-person events, and her online presence, she inspires and encourages women to drop the struggle, love themselves, and live a completely alive and vibrant life. She is the creator of the e-book "How to feel beautiful, confident, and worthy when you feel anything but" and the email course "One week to body freedom". You can find her online at link: link: One week to Body Freedom email course link: Email: hello@baileyopsal.comConnect with
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EP#1 Beautifully Vulnerable: Creating authentic fulfilling relationships with Brenda Knowles

EP#1 Beautifully Vulnerable: Creating authentic fulfilling relationships with Brenda Knowles

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