DiscoverStories of StrengthEllie Black and The Power of Positivity
Ellie Black and The Power of Positivity

Ellie Black and The Power of Positivity

Update: 2021-09-28


Join us for another episode of Stories Of Strength, a podcast where we share personal and inspirational tales that redefine strength, presented by MuscleTech! This week Jay Cardiello takes the time to sit down and speak with three-time Olympic Gymnast and six-time Canadian national all-around champion, Ellie Black! Starting out in gymnastics from an early age, Ellie has spent her life dedicated to becoming the best athlete she can be. In 2019, a year away from the Olympic Games in Tokyo, she was competing in the World Championships in Germany when an unfortunate ankle injury led to her having to withdraw from the competition. With her future uncertain, she had to dig deep. Hear first hand from Ellie as she discusses the road to recovery and how she has been able to use the experience to grow, heal and come back stronger in time for the Olympics in Tokyo. Attitude makes the difference! Learn about how a positive mindset and attitude has helped her on her journey as an athlete and become an important leader even when she can’t compete. We’ll get to hear about how she has been handling the COVID-19 pandemic and what she has been doing to stay in good shape and maintain peak performance. We also touch on the mental health of athletes in this day and age too, getting an understanding of just how important it is to know your limits and know when enough is enough. As an athlete, it is important to be mindful of your mental health and make sure to speak up when you need support. Through positive action, change can be made in athletics and mental health awareness can become consistently part of the discussion when considering the health of athletes. All this and more coming up on this episode of Stories Of Strength, it’s something you do not want to miss!

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Ellie Black and The Power of Positivity

Ellie Black and The Power of Positivity

Jay Cardiello, Ellie Black