DiscoverCourt JunkieEp 224: Trying To Prove Innocence
Ep 224: Trying To Prove Innocence

Ep 224: Trying To Prove Innocence

Update: 2023-01-165


Sedley Alley was convicted in 1985 of a brutal rape and murder that occurred just outside Memphis, Tennessee. For decades, Sedley maintained his innocence, but proving it would be a steep hill to climb.

A special thank you to Daniel Medwed for talking to us about this case. Daniel’s new book, Barred: Why The Innocent Can’t Get Out of Prison is available here - Highly recommend! 

Post-Production for the show is provided by Jon Keur of Wayfare Recording Co. This episode was researched by Nicole Gusmerotti and written by Matt Stroud. 

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Ep 224: Trying To Prove Innocence

Ep 224: Trying To Prove Innocence

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