DiscoverThe E ProjectEp 59. Ashley Noelle - "All the feels"
Ep 59. Ashley Noelle - "All the feels"

Ep 59. Ashley Noelle - "All the feels"

Update: 2019-01-10


Ashley Noelle is the founder of The Feelosophy, and a brand ambassador for Lululemon Toronto. The Feelosophy is rooted in community and connection. They offer small, intimate, restorative yoga classes led by qualified yoga instructors, and combine that with massage based adjustments offered by a skilled and intuitive bodyworker.
Her slogan #allthefeels speaks to everything Ashley represents; positivity, love, safe touch, alignment, and being comfortable in your own skin. She shares her journey of how she has developed a niche in the wellness and yoga world. She has 8 years of teaching experience, and with her down to earth love for movement, connection and hands on adjustments, she will leave you feeling more chill than Netflix ever could. Ashley has created an amazing community around her style of yoga. She has a team of four and offers retreats and trainings internationally. Ashley is honest, real, vulnerable and sassy, and isn't afraid to share what she has to offer with the world in hopes that it will spark others to do the same. Ashley and I discuss the lack of diversity in the wellness world and how she has educated herself to be more aware of the lack of, being aware of her privileges and using it to uplift and bringing others along, the importance of touch/safe touch, starting a wellness business and knowing your why, and so much more! Listen to her full story here.
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Ep 59. Ashley Noelle - "All the feels"

Ep 59. Ashley Noelle - "All the feels"

Jodianne Beckford