Ep 88: John Maksym

Ep 88: John Maksym

Update: 2020-12-31


Singer/Songwriter John Maksym is a veteran of powerhouse alt-rock/punk band Breaching Vista (prior: Close To Home and Klutz), with a dedication to making music and performing that is motivating and moving to say the least. Now available, is a compilation of his 2020 releases, in an EP called ‘Fear’, with a dazzling photo-shoot to boot, by Meg McCormick. You’ll hear all five tracks on this episode, and I encourage you to see the links below (in the show episode notes) and get yourself a copy! In this episode though, you’ll hear us chatting about life, the EP, making music as well as John and I’s 20 years of friendship (as advertised), and it becomes a tedx/press-kit at some points, but it’s all in good fun and in the pleasure of chatting with the super uplifting, kind and hard-working person John is and always has been. What a year, baby! Let’s all look forward to kicking this cough in 2021. Cheers!

Chat with John Maksym recorded over Zoom from Gjoa Haven NU to Kitchener on November 22nd, 2020. Recorded music: “You Know What I Want” by John Maksym, “Blame” by John Maksym, “Planet (Acoustic)” by John Maksym, “Drinkin’ & Thinkin’” by John Maksym & “Paper” by John Maksym. Voiceover by Milo Axelrod, theme music by William Chernoff, piano outro by JP Sunga, everything else by Todd Donald. Presented in part, by Afternoon Tea. afternoontealabel.com


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Ep 88: John Maksym

Ep 88: John Maksym

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