DiscoverPLANTSTRONGEp. 143: Chef AJ Shares the REAL Secrets of Weight Loss
Ep. 143: Chef AJ Shares the REAL Secrets of Weight Loss

Ep. 143: Chef AJ Shares the REAL Secrets of Weight Loss

Update: 2022-05-121


Rip sings, dances, and raps with the legendary Chef AJ as they celebrate the 10th anniversary and re-release of her book, “Unprocessed - Revitalize Your Health with Whole Foods.”

Chef AJ shares:

  • Memories of meeting the Esselstyns for the first time

  • Her early TV appearances on Johnny Carson and the Gong Show as a comedian

  • How she accidentally created a daily YouTube talk show at the start of the pandemic that is now nearing 1000 daily live episodes!

  • Her own difficult health journey that is both gut-wrenching and inspiring for anyone seeking lasting change

  • Creating sustainable weight loss and why every day should be a "treat day"

  • Why calorie density unlocks the key to a healthy weight

  • Her favorite kitchen utensils and meals

Through humor, stories, and her gorgeous recipes, she knows how to educate about sustainable weight loss in a way that is both simple and yet so profound. 

Episode Timestamps

10:45 Chef AJ’s Pandemic Pivot into a YouTube Star

13:40 Want to hear AJ's phone message?

15:10 What was it like to appear on Johnny Carson and the Gong Show?

18:50 Why Chef AJ prefers “plant-exclusive” over “plant-based”

20:38 The 10th Anniversary of Unprocessed is now available! What's new? 

25:30 Chef AJ’s emotional backstory

31:20 Does she *really *love to cook?

34:14 Her Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss and Calorie Density Explanation

44:35 Rip and Chef AJ talk about The C’s of Ultimate Weight Loss Success 

46:20 Finding the Why that Makes You Cry

50:22 Consistency - “You don’t need a cheat day because every day is a treat day.”

53:05 Compliance or adherence

54:45 Community - finding a buddy or a coach

1:01:10 What are Chef AJ’s must-haves for the kitchen?

1:04:00 What Chef AJ eats in a day

1:20:00 Her personal favorite recipes

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Ep. 143: Chef AJ Shares the REAL Secrets of Weight Loss

Ep. 143: Chef AJ Shares the REAL Secrets of Weight Loss

Rip Esselstyn and Chef AJ