DiscoverI'll Get ThereEpisode 010: My Immortal PART 2
Episode 010: My Immortal PART 2

Episode 010: My Immortal PART 2

Update: 2019-02-06


It's part two of our "My Immortal" Harry Potter fan fiction. More orgasms are to be had, wrists are being cut, and, to be honest, we're not sure what is actually going on. Courtney, Monse, James, & Corey are joined by Nicole of Mostly Speakin' Sentai for the reading!

Listen to Corey (and sometimes James in the background) on the D&D play podcast Hit It & Crit It where Corey DM's a group of friends through the land of Gothika! Where ever you're listening to I'll Get There, you can find Hit It & Crit It too! Follow them on Instagram @Hitit_And_Critit.

Buy Nicole's art, comics, and merchandise over at Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @DarlingHomebody.

Check us on social media! Courtney (@Synthesizing on Instagram) Monse (@_Monse on Twitter) and @MarshLandMedia on Twitter!

Just like Hit It & Crit it, you can listen to James' other podcasts where ever you're listening to I'll Get There! Check out Mostly Speakin' Sentai, that he co-hosts with past guest Nicole! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @MSSPod and Instagram @MSSPodcast for details on where to listen!

Listen to James' podcast he does with his non-hetero friend Corwyn called "This Movie's Gay" where they watch and discuss LGBTQ+ movies each Monday! Follow them on Twitter @ThisMoviesGay!

Check out his most recent podcast What The Hellmouth?! where he's join by his friends TC & Anissa to discuss Buffy The Vampire Slayer one episode at a time. However, they go on frequent tangents and barely discuss Buffy. You can follow them on Twitter @WTHMPod!

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Episode 010: My Immortal PART 2

Episode 010: My Immortal PART 2

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