DiscoverMama Bear ApologeticsEpisode 100. New Book: Honest Prayers for Mama Bears
Episode 100. New Book: Honest Prayers for Mama Bears

Episode 100. New Book: Honest Prayers for Mama Bears

Update: 2024-03-19



Every mother's prayer journey is unique, yet bound by a common thread of seeking God's guidance through the chaos and beauty of raising children. Julie and Hillary, walk through the pages of "Honest Prayers for Mama Bears," a new book birthed from the depths of maternal hearts and a collaboration that spans the nation. We reveal the sometimes raw, unpolished dialogues with God that range from the humorous pleas of wanting to use the bathroom in peace to the heartfelt petitions of a mother facing a miscarriage.

Hillary and Julie, alongside voices from the Mama Bear community, crafted a tapestry of prayers that we hope speaks to the soul of motherhood. Our conversation takes you behind the scenes of this unique creative process, emphasizing the importance of authenticity as we addressed delicate subjects like addiction and family dynamics. Poring over every word, we ensured that our prayers resonated with truth and relevance, offering a lifeline of hope and solidarity for mothers everywhere.

As we share personal insights and practical tips for integrating prayer into the daily grind, "Honest Prayers for Mama Bears" is more than just a book—it's a spiritual companion for every season of motherhood. From fill-in-the-blank prompts to theological expertise, we've poured into this project with a shared goal: to empower mothers to foster honest, heartfelt communication with God, and to support one another as we navigate this transformative journey called motherhood. We hope it blesses you!

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Main Points Covered

  • Why did we write this book?
  • The difference between Honest and Shallow prayers.
  • Creating a collective voice from moms
  • Prayer book creation process
  • How to use this book
  • Honest journaling
  • Our favorite, most convicting and hardest to write prayers

People and Resources Mentioned

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Quotable Quotes

“I think sometimes learning how to do honest prayers often starts with shallow prayers. And so I just want to give mom's permission to pray the shallow prayers, if that's where you are starting." - Hillary Morgan Ferrer

"We made it. We're not saying it's perfect, but... our heart's desire was to make sure that these prayers were Theologically sound." - Hillary Morgan Ferrer

"I know I thought back on what were some of the times that really drove me to prayer, maybe as a younger mom, as a mom of a teenager, and then even now. I had some opportunities to write some prayers that maybe approach more being a mom of an adult child too, because that's a whole other season there." - Julie Loos









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Episode 100. New Book: Honest Prayers for Mama Bears

Episode 100. New Book: Honest Prayers for Mama Bears

Hillary Morgan Ferrer & Amy Davison